So You Want Me To Get Married

It’s the Marry Month Of May once again and I’m being bombarded by the neverending barrage of the age old question at various weddings that I attend these days. I feel like breaking out into this parody of Duffy’s Mercy called Marry by the hitz.FM Morning Crew the next time anybody asks (since those snarky comebacks don’t quite work anymore).

hitz.FM Morning Crew – Marry

Excerpt from the lyrics:

So you think that I
Am a marrying kind of guy
You do not understand I’m a single man
Don’t mess up my plan
I don’t know what to do
Duffy’s kinda cool
Maybe I should say I do
Let me convince you
Take a listen to this
Shhh! Quiet please…

You’re begging me to marry (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go make babies (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go get married (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go get Duffy (Yeah! Yeah!)
I think you’re craaaaazy!


  1. Lizzam

    I guess you could always break to the part where they mix kompang and the Mickey song…I love that part!!!

  2. princessren

    hahhahahaha … that’s kinda cute actually…

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