Month: August 2007

Going On Sixth And It’s Sick!

This website celebrates its sixth anniversary today. Unlike
previous years, it’s been a rather slow period, especially
the last few months. I attribute that to my being lazy more
than anything else besides having nothing out of the ordinary
to talk about. Sure there may be an abundance of things on the
socio-political end that can be laughed at
talked about but I refuse to get into that on grounds that I’m
a wuss who doesn’t wanna risk being jailed
just politically apathetic.
Besides, no amount of rant
will get Samy Vellu out of office so why waste pixels and
electrons on them? And in case you haven’t noticed, the lack of
ads on this website since Day One
also means that I’m not doing this for money at all. So why
have I and still am doing this?

Simply put: for the fun of it and because I can. So yes,
this site will go on for a bit more. I’m not going away yet.
But if anybody asks, just tell them I’m not at home.

* Refer to Urban Dictionary
for definition.

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