Month: October 2007

The Life, The Loves and The Inspiration of P. Ramlee

Having missed out on Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical,
I vowed not to miss out on P. Ramlee: The Musical
this time around. I almost did. And after watching it this
afternoon, I was glad and thankful for not missing out on this
wonderful production by Enfiniti. Like many Malaysians of my
generation, I only know the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee (who
incidentally died exactly two years before I was born) through
his timeless songs and movies. This musical attempts to show
the personal side of him, i.e. his life, the loves and the
inspiration. I shan’t elaborate on the storyline but I shall
say that I thoroughly enjoyed the production, from the cast and
ensemble to the sets (check out the locomotive and the cabooses
during the train station scene!) to the choreography (dig that
clog dance during Ramlee’s and Junaidah’s wedding scene) and
especially the music (Gelora’s percussion had my head bopping
like a hip hop producer at the mixing desk and Dick Lee’s
numbers were really moving). Favorite scenes for me have to be
Ramlee’s marriage to Junaidah and Ramlee’s courtship with
Saloma which had the elements of humor that we all know and
love P. Ramlee for! The only niggling points for me have to be
Melissa Saila’s singing (a wee bit uncomfortable to the ears in
places and her voice was quite hoarse this afternoon) but she
made up for it with her powerful acting in that intense
breaking up scene. The other being the prolonged scene of
Singapore breaking out from Malaysia (could use more of the
clog dance in that Ramlee and Junaidah’s wedding scene!).
Overall, it was a wonderful and enjoyable performance! Kudos to
Datin Tiara Jacquelina and Enfiniti!

I’d like to thank Pat Ibrahim (choreographer of the musical)
for slotting me in to this afternoon’s show. I also had the
privilege of meeting up with Chedd Yusoff
who plays Sukardi (Ramlee’s best friend) after the show. He had
earlier pimped that mashup I did of Siti and Snoop Dogg
to Siti (who plays Azizah) herself. Needless to say, I had to be
gone before any talks of potential lawsuits could ensue.

The Livelink Love

When I'm not writing stuff here, I read stuff that's out there, mostly the ones that I'm subscribed to via Google Reader. I thought it'd be an interesting afternoon exercise during this Hari Raya break I'm currently on to churn out some code that is able to consume the feed provided by the Google Reader Shared Items and display them within these webpages (which is all custom coded, by the way. Real geeks code, others rely on plug-ins) for a change instead of mashing up music. I'm just glad to know that I still got some of my programming mojo left so that I can keep my day job. I know my friends in Facebook have seen these before (via the recently rebranded Feedheads application) so I thought I'd extend it here as well for the benefit of my non-Facebook friends ('cos you're still my friend!). Enjoy the brand new Livelinks page, people!

The Raya Routine

Raya is really becoming a routine affair for me the last few years.
From the sequence of events, to the food being prepared and
consumed, the time the food is prepared and consumed, the order
of homes visited, etc. have been exactly the same. Then, there’s
that classic question of “When are you gonna get married?” that’s
been asked year after year after year. So much so that it has
made it into the series of routine question and conversation when
I go from one relative’s house to the other. I really feel like
making a quip comeback
(or confuse them with some Web 2.0 gobbledeegook response)
whenever anybody asks that question but then I’ll risk having to
routinely answer to my relatives in the future for causing all
the cardiac arrests in my grand relatives during that fateful
string of raya visits.

So yes, it’s been a another routine raya affair for me this
year. Somebody please help me break this sequence. I’m really
looking forward to the day when I can talk about the latest in
Martian exploration or stem cell research or even Erra Fazira’s
latest husband-to-be with my relatives during Raya for a change.


Iftar or the breaking of fast throughout Ramadhan for me this year has been rather minimalistic. If I’m not breaking fast in the car due to bad traffic, most of the time, I’ll break fast at home on my own:

Sahur or the pre-dawn meal is a hit or miss (mostly the latter) affair. Anyhow, with Ramadhan coming to an end and Syawal just peeking around the corner, allow me to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, mohon ampun maaf zahir batin atas segala salah silap perilaku diri selama ini. Have a good Aidilfitri celebration and please don’t be part of the statistic in the annual Malaysian Balik Kampung Road Massacre.

PS/ Oooh! A Malaysian made it to space tonight!

Professional Pimp Wanted

My last mashup effort got a bit of attention and I owe it a lot to
and Sultan Muzaffar
for pimping it. Word has it that Datuk Siti herself has heard the track.
I hope the smile on her face as described doesn’t mean “Hmmm…
potential lawsuit!”

Which brings me to my next point. Many times over, I’ve
managed to come up with stuff that people say as interesting,
cool, groundbreaking, ahead of its time, etc. etc. in the areas
that I’ve been able to get my hands on since my college days
when I show it to people. However, most of those things end up
being in places where dust and mites create colonies which
other people eventually catch up with to milk its worth dry. In
other words: I suck when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t help
that more often than not, I sell myself short too. At least
that’s what I’ve been told by someone whom I worked with

So if you happen to know (or be) anyone who can pimp my cred,
have him/her sent my way, please? Hopefully it’ll turn out like
how the lyrics to Opportunities (Let’s Make Lot’s Of Money)
by the Pet Shop Boys goes. But please, nothing like Abang Best,

Initiative Interrupted

It’s heartening to see that there’s at least one person out there who’s
carrying out the festive greeting cards initiative.
For someone who’s been described as “visionary”, I’m not doing it
this time around, unfortunately, as I’ve been completely blindsided
by how fast this year’s Ramadhan is passing. Next year, I promise.
Meanwhile, get yourself a real greeting card from a cool dude with
whacky ideas (he prompted me to do that
Siti Nurhaliza featuring Snoop Dogg mashup
after all. That’s gotta count, right?) to decorate your living
rooms and show off to your friends when they come visit. While
stocks last. Avoid where prohibited.

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