Professional Pimp Wanted

My last mashup effort got a bit of attention and I owe it a lot to
and Sultan Muzaffar
for pimping it. Word has it that Datuk Siti herself has heard the track.
I hope the smile on her face as described doesn’t mean “Hmmm…
potential lawsuit!”

Which brings me to my next point. Many times over, I’ve
managed to come up with stuff that people say as interesting,
cool, groundbreaking, ahead of its time, etc. etc. in the areas
that I’ve been able to get my hands on since my college days
when I show it to people. However, most of those things end up
being in places where dust and mites create colonies which
other people eventually catch up with to milk its worth dry. In
other words: I suck when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t help
that more often than not, I sell myself short too. At least
that’s what I’ve been told by someone whom I worked with

So if you happen to know (or be) anyone who can pimp my cred,
have him/her sent my way, please? Hopefully it’ll turn out like
how the lyrics to Opportunities (Let’s Make Lot’s Of Money)
by the Pet Shop Boys goes. But please, nothing like Abang Best,

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  1. Rauff

    Check these boys out…

    If they don’t fit your criteria I bet they can find one who can.

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