Iftar or the breaking of fast throughout Ramadhan for me this year has been rather minimalistic. If I’m not breaking fast in the car due to bad traffic, most of the time, I’ll break fast at home on my own:

Sahur or the pre-dawn meal is a hit or miss (mostly the latter) affair. Anyhow, with Ramadhan coming to an end and Syawal just peeking around the corner, allow me to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, mohon ampun maaf zahir batin atas segala salah silap perilaku diri selama ini. Have a good Aidilfitri celebration and please don’t be part of the statistic in the annual Malaysian Balik Kampung Road Massacre.

PS/ Oooh! A Malaysian made it to space tonight!


  1. wafiqah

    selamat hari raya uncle iwan!
    have a blast hari raya with your family.
    -from wafiqah-
    (marina’s baby)

  2. Lynn

    Even the pix looks delicious, haha. OK la tu. Anyways, I think you are going back to JB soon, so have a great Raya!

  3. nina

    selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri. selamat balik JB-KL.


  4. princessren

    selamat hari raya to iwan and family. Semoga semua nya selamat dari segi makan, mengamalkan ibadah, selamat sampai dan balik dan segala-galanya. Amin :)

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