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Bart & Md. Zin – Aidil Adha ’02

February 25, 2002

The Urge To Upgrade

I was contemplating of doing a test install and upgrade of my Windows
2000 Professional
operating system to Windows XP this afternoon but then decided
not to when I realized that I don’t have the complete set of drivers and
XP compliant software for some of the devices in my machine, namely
the Broadlogic AB2030 Satellite Express broadband card and the AsusLive
program that would enable the video-in functionality on the video card
(so that I could watch tv on my computer screen). You’re wondering why
am I compelled to upgrade when everything is just peachy and I’m able
to do everything just fine on my current setup and configuration. One
key reason is that Windows 98 is still living on my machine and I’m
really itching to get rid of it. I can’t at the moment since I still need it
to be able to run FastTracker 2.08 to do some MOD/XM compositions
(Yes! I still do MODs/XMs instead of MIDI!). To date I still haven’t
found any decent MOD/XM editor in Windows. Also, I’m getting tired of
having to boot into Win98 everytime I want to play Frogger (Hey! It’s a
fun game!). Besides, getting rid of Win98 would mean that I can regain
some one additional gig of hard disk space. Speaking of which, my
hard disk is in need of some major housekeeping and also
repartitioning. One thing at a time, dude! One thing at a time…

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

It’s sometimes funny how Malaysian Muslims celebrate Eid. Eid-ul Adha
is actually the bigger celebration as compared to Eid-ul Fitr but we get
it the other way around here. And since it falls on a Saturday, it pretty
much went by like almost any other Saturdays, at least to me. We
performed the Eid prayers as usual in the morning and after that just
pretty much lazed around to let the afternoon pass by. Went to Md.
Zin’s place later and Bart made it to my place after that. On his way
out to grab the camera in his car, Bart accidentally walked into the
sliding door glass and smashed it. Heck! I would too ‘cos the glass
door’s too freaking clean! It was bound to happen sometime. Anyways,
good thing he only suffered a minor cut near his eyebrow.

We later went out to KLCC in the evening and since they’re there, I
brought them up to my office at the 64th floor of Tower 2. Heh! Yeah,
I know it’s rather lame bringing your friends to your workplace but
where else can you actually get a good view of the evening skyline in
KL? ;) Got to watch “Shallow Hal” later at Bart’s place after dinner at
Ampang Yong Tau Foo. I was hoping it would out-gross “Something About Mary”
but it didn’t turn out so. Wasn’t too disappointed though. It’s still
enjoyable. I’d give “Shallow Hal” a 6/10.

Scenes of Kuala Lumpur City Center

February, 2002

I Can’t See Clearly Now The Haze Has Come…

The haze is back. It happened a couple of times in the past and it’s
happening again. I kinda sensed that this was about to happen just
about a few days ago seeing that we’ve been having some really,
really warm and dry weather, just the right kinda stuff that’s suitable
for bushfires to start and subsequently spread uncontrollably. Hope
this time the authorities could get this one under control before it
becomes something like that haze back in ’97.

Local Calls To Cost More

First it was petrol (gas to you Yanks!), then toll and now phone. I
suppose it is inevitable. So beginning March 1, local calls would cost
slightly more. What boggles the mind is that Telekom makes profits
(and I mean, big-ass profits, in the *pinkyfinger-to-mouth* hundreds
of millions) year after year and not once have they announced any
price cuts or such. So, what’s in store for us after the price hike? I’m
guessing nothing. We still have to put up with their piss poor service
and such and neither do I recall they do any upgrades to their facilities
that will allow for a more pleasant user experience after gaining such
huge profits. My other guess is that the pie has to be made bigger so
that it is able to be shared among many more of those high staffed
people at the company. Here’s something to ponder upon: Most
companies would opt to run their company “lean” and some high execs
have even opted to take pay cuts during this economic conditions for
the sake of saving the company and most importantly, their customers.
I guess that principle doesn’t apply at Telekom.

Marriage Proposal, The Nerd Way

Heh! This is gonna go down as a classic marriage proposal among
nerds and geeks! Cupid’s arrow certainly hit the bullseye for Rob
and Kathleen. He posted
a proposal
on the ever popular News for Nerds site, Slashdot.
He waited with sweaty palms, checking his email every 20 seconds
before Kathleen responded 15 minutes later with a “Yes” in the subject
line and a “Dork. You made me cry. :)” in the body!
Heh! Congratulations!

Update (3:45pm): It even made the news
in Wired!

Happy Smoochy Mushy Day

So, it’s February 14. Couples all over the world are going all mushy
and smoochy today. Love was definitely in the air this evening. I was
doing my usual evening run at the KLCC park and couples were just
all over the place! You name it, man-woman, boy-girl, man-man (!),
they were there. Even saw a young couple (boy-girl) french-kissing at a
spot in the park. Awwww! Heh! But it’s certainly something you don’t see
a lot of in public, especially here in Malaysia, since most people here
have something against public show of affection, even between married
couples. I dunno. I really don’t see what’s wrong with that. It’s not like
they’re lustfully groping each other or anything. *shrug* Anyways, I
don’t really see why there should be this one special day that you’d
want to celebrate your love. To me, each and every day you spend with
a loved one would be a day that you’d want to celebrate and your love
for that someone is not just heightened on this one day. Commercial
outlets are of course, taking advantage of the day by offering
Valentine’s specials, with most of them hiking the price of chocolates,
greeting cards, teddy bears, etc. I don’t mind them dinner specials
though ‘cos some of them are really, really good! Hmmm, I’m going
hungry whilst people are going smoochy. Happy Valentine’s to all you
couples out there!

Exit Snake, Enter Horse

The Chinese lunar calendar today ushers in the Year of the Horse. So
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends. As is usual in every year, the
house that my family visits every year is my God Grandma’s place in
Sungai Chua. Surprised that I have a Chinese God Grandma? Well, if it
weren’t for her last time when I had a fit as a baby, God knows if I were
able to be here and be doing this very thing right now. Alas, she hasn’t
really been in the best of health and her memory is fading in and out,
especially since she had a brain tumor removed a couple of years back.
She also used to make the best “Kaya” (a kinda paste you spread
over bread) ever! We really, really miss that.

Took some time later in the afternoon to visit my good ol’ friends,
Roger and Raymond. I’ve known the twins (and their folks) since
kindergarten (pre-school to you Yanks!) and I’m just glad that we’re
still able to keep it up to this day. Finding new friends is easy but
keeping them over the years is another thing altogether.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Since I had nothing much to do today I decided to start cleaning up my
room. It’s starting to look so cluttered and messed up with things
strewn all over the place. Cleaning my room has some sorta therapeutic
effect on me. Whenever I’m pissed off with something or whatever,
cleaning my room just helps and depending on the degree of cleanliness
and tidiness that I get in the end result, the cleaner and tidier the room
gets means that I was really, really pissed off! So anyways, I’m neither
angry or pissed off at the moment so it makes the starting attempt a
bit difficult so I ended up doing just my desk for now. It was the
messiest anyhow with scraps of papers, notes, cables, tools, etc. strewn
all over it. At least I can see the desk itself now so, heh! That’ll do! :P

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