Since I had nothing much to do today I decided to start cleaning up my
room. It’s starting to look so cluttered and messed up with things
strewn all over the place. Cleaning my room has some sorta therapeutic
effect on me. Whenever I’m pissed off with something or whatever,
cleaning my room just helps and depending on the degree of cleanliness
and tidiness that I get in the end result, the cleaner and tidier the room
gets means that I was really, really pissed off! So anyways, I’m neither
angry or pissed off at the moment so it makes the starting attempt a
bit difficult so I ended up doing just my desk for now. It was the
messiest anyhow with scraps of papers, notes, cables, tools, etc. strewn
all over it. At least I can see the desk itself now so, heh! That’ll do! :P