Month: September 2005

Flashmobbing with Afdlin Shauki & Friends

Sunday, Sep. 26, 2005

Kalau Anda Gembira Hentak Kaki

Watching Stomp
tonight made me realize how a bunch of talented and creative
people can turn everything, including the kitchen sink, into
sexy percussion instruments capable of producing melodious
cacophony that sends waves of aural orgasm to my ears.

Listening to this year’s Malaysian Idol
winner sing with that tight-underpants-induced-falsetto, on the
other hand, is enough to make anything in my pants shrivel.

Whose Shoe Is A Dirty Shoe

Sure I won
myself a pair of spanking new shoes but I’m not sure if actually
winning that competition
was a good thing. I only have myself to blame if the Malaysian
entertainment fraternity will now stay even further away from me
and get a restraining order in effect on grounds that I’ve got
some kind of funky foot fetish going on.

Now, if only I’d put in a bit more effort to get the
other pair of shoes

Annoying Things People Put Up On Their Weblogs

I’m in the mood for some nitpicking. So stand back, people.
This could get ugly.

  1. On entertainment related weblogs, especially those that
    comment on reality entertainment shows’ performances,
    apparently everybody’s trying to be the expert in judging the
    contestant’s performances, which ends up being nothing more
    than a regurgitation of the professional judges’ opinions most
    of the time.
  2. The ones that talk about technology or gadgetry are simply
    rehashing whatever anybody can find on either Slashdot or
    Engadget, offering no opinion of their own in actually
    using or experiencing for themselves the stuff
    they’re putting up as their weblog entry. Oh, whatever that’s
    from Google or Apple is cool and whatever that’s from Microsoft
    is suspect. They advocate the use of Open Source products but
    in reality they don’t run it on their own PCs as pirated
    Microsoft stuff can be easily obtained for a couple of bucks
    in town, even though they’re supposedly bug ridden and full of
    vulnerabilities. Otherwise, how else can they play the latest
  3. There are those who totally ignore the basic rules of
    grammar and write as if they are instant messaging or SMS-ing
    by using abbreviations like ur, ppl, pls,
    dat, dun, lolz, omg, wtf,
    knn, ccb, mch, etc. Is there a character
    limitation imposed anywhere?
  4. On the other side of the coin, some don’t believe in
    abbreviation. Maybe they don’t realize that had they used
    gila, jadi, ada instead of giler,
    jadik or ader they can save themselves a
    keystroke. On top of that, words such as korunk,
    konpem, kompius, tomolo really grates.
  5. When taking group pictures, at least one person in the
    picture has to have his or her hand gesturing the peace
  6. Food has to be posed properly and photographed before
  7. Don’t get me started on those who do any of the above and
    then get paid for doing it.

Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me

I would certainly appreciate it much if anybody can enlighten
me on the reason(s) for the following:

  • Why can’t people aim properly when they use public toilets?
    The day they learn to stop spraying all over the place (and
    also flush the toilet after using) will be the day the
    “pay-to-pee” concept will
  • Why must there be toll booths? Highways are supposed to cut
    down travelling time. Toll booths just negates whatever time
    that’s gained and causes more jams
    in most highways I know around the Klang Valley.
  • Why does that one particular numbnut I see driving a
    Perodua Kenari
    sits as if he’s in an F1 car? There really isn’t any
    aerodynamic advantage in doing that.
  • Why on earth did my Dad buy
    Mawi World’s album?
    The last time I knew he bought an album was Rohana Jalil’s.
  • What on earth possessed my Dad to buy Rohana Jalil‘s
    album last time?
  • Wait. My Dad actually bought Rohana Jalil‘s

Thanking any of you out there in advance.

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