Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me

I would certainly appreciate it much if anybody can enlighten
me on the reason(s) for the following:

  • Why can’t people aim properly when they use public toilets?
    The day they learn to stop spraying all over the place (and
    also flush the toilet after using) will be the day the
    “pay-to-pee” concept will
  • Why must there be toll booths? Highways are supposed to cut
    down travelling time. Toll booths just negates whatever time
    that’s gained and causes more jams
    in most highways I know around the Klang Valley.
  • Why does that one particular numbnut I see driving a
    Perodua Kenari
    sits as if he’s in an F1 car? There really isn’t any
    aerodynamic advantage in doing that.
  • Why on earth did my Dad buy
    Mawi World’s album?
    The last time I knew he bought an album was Rohana Jalil’s.
  • What on earth possessed my Dad to buy Rohana Jalil‘s
    album last time?
  • Wait. My Dad actually bought Rohana Jalil‘s

Thanking any of you out there in advance.


  1. laydiefa

    you might want to refer to murphy’s law.

  2. -M-

    1. Don’t you know it is an art to pee all over the place? Don’t blame the men, they are just being creative

    2. You are getting it all wrong my dear.. Toll booths are there as a barrier for lories with faulty breaks

    3. No explanation for this one, except maybe he’s practising to be Alex Yong (god bless the Kenari driver)

    4. Mawi? Rohana Jalil? :-O *gulp*

  3. Bartholomew

    …and what is wrong with Rohana Jalil?

  4. lina

    Sebab Mawi world??? (okay so shoot me). Nolah, maybe he appeals to the old folks (I know my dad likes him. I like him too, but not in the fanatic way). At least better than buying Zahid’s CD :) (better go buy bullet-proof vest after this)

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