Akademi Actorlympics Part II

I brought some friends to go see Actorlympics last night.
I was already officially an Actorlympics-holic. If you thought
that was bad enough, tonight, I brought my whole family (parents,
sister, brother-in-law and cousin) go see the Actorlympics. It’s
sick, I know, to subject them to many-laughs-a-minute kinda
torture for 90 minutes. That’s why I am now now officially a
confirmed chronic Actorlympics-holic.

I need help. Is there an Actorlympic-holics Anonymous therapy
group that I can join?


  1. laydiefa

    my jaws slipped.
    thank you for the best birthday gift ever (besides the car which i bought for myself last year).

  2. mysara

    i was there too.. loved douglas him and afdlin..

    ow and (I)da looks gorgeous!

  3. Chibster

    Damn I missed it.

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