Akademi Actorlympics

I bet there’s no other show where you can find Ida Nerina,
Douglas Lim, Sabrina, Afdlin Shauki,
Na’a Murad and Edwin Sumun opening (and closing) to the song
and dance routine of Akademi Fantasia.
Right after we all stood and sang Negaraku prior to the show
too. I did not get pulled on stage
this time around but Bibi
did. She got Afdlin to sell her the “Bubble of Fear” to ward
off other direct sellers after breathing his breath. Eddie from
the audience got Ida Nerina to dig Douglas Lim’s nose
(something that no other directors in Malaysia has managed to
get Ida to do for the price of the show’s ticket too, mind you)
and subsequently spank him to the tune of Lionel Richie’s Hello.
The best had to go to Vishen (of Setapak) who got Afdlin to do
the titty (nipple) twister to Na’a to the tune of Michael
Jackson’s Bad. If anybody thinks that Actorlympics blows nanny
goats, well, “whateverrrr”. You can definitely “talk to the
fingerrrrr” (waves pinkie finger up).

My sixth time attending Actorlympics and tonight’s show has
been the best so far. I’m officially an Actorlympics-holic

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  1. zin

    you should capture those moments with your nokia and put them here….as promotion for next olympiad.

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