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Dedicated to all Sysadmins of the world:

“Choose no life. Choose no career. Choose no
family. Choose a fucking big computer, choose arrays the size
of washing machines, modem racks, CD ROM writers and electrical
coffee makers. Choose no sleep, high caffeine and mental
insurance. Choose no friends. Choose black jeans and matching
combat boots. Choose chairs for your office in a range of
fucking fabrics. Choose SMTP and wondering why the fuck you’re
logged on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting in that swivel chair
looking at mind-numbing, spirit-crushing web sites, stuffing
fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the
end of it all, pishing your last on some miserable newsgroup,
nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up
lusers Gates spawned to replace the computer-literate. Choose
your future. Choose sysadmining.” – Adminspotting

Tomorrow, July 30, 2004 is System Administrator Appreciation Day.
Be nice to those people who keep your computers, networks,
servers, databases, etc. etc. humming smoothly. Give ’em some
loving in the form of interesting toys, a
night out with Siti Nurhaliza,
etc. to make ’em happy on that day. You don’t want them to turn
into a Bastard Operator From Hell,
do ya? After all, they gotta put up with the usual stuff from
you for the other 364 days.

My Own Gmail Goodness

Thank you very much Natasha
for the GMail
invite! Couldn’t come at a better time too since the JARING email
account that I’ve been using since 1995 has been reduced to a
petri dish for spam and virus infested emails of late. Now I’ve
got gobs of space for those pesky things to infest my mailbox…
NOT! Heh! Many thanks once again, Nat!

How to DJ (Properly)

How DJ-ing can be similiar to “evicting the testicular squatters”:

“Bedroom DJing is a lot like masturbation: there’s no risk
of upsetting your audience, but there’s no-one to cheer and scream when
you get it right.” – Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster in
How to DJ (Properly) – The Art and Science of Playing Records

I found the said book at MPH Mid-Valley the other day. So now,
I’m gonna stop “committing mass spermicide” and get my stuff…
err… music out there for people to scream and bleed their ears to.
Thus for starters, Spoonfork
is featuring one of my remixes as his Song Of The Week
this time around.

Good Old Friends Through The Years In One Night

I’m sure the adage “Make new friends, Don’t forget the old; One is silver, The other is gold” is familiar to you. That’s the case with these bunch of friends I have since primary school. Eany, a friend who now lives on the other side of the planet, is in town over the weekend. She’s in the country these couple of weeks to pay her folks and relatives a visit. Her husband Thane couldn’t make it this time around though. The last time they were here was for the dinner reception last year. As usual, whenever she’s in town, the old gang will hold a get-together of some sort. It’s amazing that after all these years since we left school and taken on our own paths, we’re still able to hold it together. But it’s kinda funny that it actually takes a visit from someone from thousands of miles away to put all of us together in the same room when we’re actually residing in the same country and vicinity for that matter! Eany, Alvin, Juanita, Grace, Geok Shin, Eany, Dipen (with fiancee Sharon), and myself had a good trip down the memory lane over dinner last Saturday. There was also a fair share of catching up with all the water that’s been running under the bridge all this while with everyone. Some things never quite change though, like the friendly banters between Dipen and Grace (this was them in 2002 and this was them couple of nights ago. If only there were those from our schooling years that I can show… :P) Some things move on for the better. The Dipster himself will be tying the knot soon, Alvin recently made it as Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2004 himself! Heh! Who would’ve thought back when we’re still wet behind the ears in primary school that we’d all be where we’re at right now, eh?

What To Do With Life

Grab life by the balls,
While you can, While you are,
While you exist, While you dream,
Enjoy it, Grab it, Bite it,
Live in a Fantasy, Live your life
Like a Ninja.

How To (Accidentally) Shrink Your Waistline

I’ve been skipping dinners a couple of times the past week. But
for a moment this morning, I thought those dinner skips had
shrunk me into aneroxic proportions overnight. Pulling on the
khaki pants towards the waist, I was confounded to see several
inches of waistline that’s yet to be filled in, only to realize
that those pants were my Dad’s which I mistakenly grabbed out of
the laundry (they look the same) when I went back home to Kajang
over the weekend. Anyways, two possible implications here: 1. My
Dad’s wardrobe is becoming more “youthful” by the day (especially
since he turned a year older
a couple of days back). Or 2. I’m becoming like my Dad in terms of
choice of clothes. Either way, I reckon it’s still better than
wearing something that can get you being
mistaken for a waiter at a warong.

A Friend’s 48 Hour Stopover

It’s not always that a friend from a land halfway around the
planet drops by the country for 48 hours just to catch up with
some friends. That’s Scott Reeves for you. The dude from
Huntington, IN (as hip as that other town in Wyoming), whom
most Malaysian students in Purdue
circa 1996-2000 know, was in town a couple of days back. He was
on his way back to the US of A after completing his stint with
the Peace Corps in the Phillipines. He was supposed to come
round and spend sometime here next month but has gotta bring
everything forward (and shorten it) as his Dad is not that well
back home. And it took a visit from a friend from the other
side of the planet for me to be able to catch up with
Abon and Raida (and their
kid Aiman) as well, whom I last saw at their wedding in 2002.
So last Thursday evening was essentially spent on catching up
with all the water that’s gone under the bridge the last couple
of years with all of them over dinner at Subang. As usual,
Scott took the opportunity to stock up on whatever food and
fruits that he can lay his grubby hands on. He’s the only Mat
Salleh I know who loves durian so much that he actually
smuggled some back to his hometown! Huntington, IN could
definitely be hipper with a durian orchard there. Throw in a
nasi lemak joint, it’ll beat whatever Wyoming’s gotta offer any
day for sure! :P

Dah Buang Tabiat?

Who says you can’t get an ovation after doing the horizontal
hokey pokey? All in the name of saving the rainforests. Excerpt:

Cumshots provided the background music as the couple
had intercourse right in front of the audience. A banner was
raised on stage informing the audience that the couple was having
sex to save the rainforest. After completing the intercourse, the
couple received applause from the audience and disappeared.

Source: Nettavisen – Couple had sex on stage during concert

Top that, Woodstock!

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