A Friend’s 48 Hour Stopover

It’s not always that a friend from a land halfway around the
planet drops by the country for 48 hours just to catch up with
some friends. That’s Scott Reeves for you. The dude from
Huntington, IN (as hip as that other town in Wyoming), whom
most Malaysian students in Purdue
circa 1996-2000 know, was in town a couple of days back. He was
on his way back to the US of A after completing his stint with
the Peace Corps in the Phillipines. He was supposed to come
round and spend sometime here next month but has gotta bring
everything forward (and shorten it) as his Dad is not that well
back home. And it took a visit from a friend from the other
side of the planet for me to be able to catch up with
Abon and Raida (and their
kid Aiman) as well, whom I last saw at their wedding in 2002.
So last Thursday evening was essentially spent on catching up
with all the water that’s gone under the bridge the last couple
of years with all of them over dinner at Subang. As usual,
Scott took the opportunity to stock up on whatever food and
fruits that he can lay his grubby hands on. He’s the only Mat
Salleh I know who loves durian so much that he actually
smuggled some back to his hometown! Huntington, IN could
definitely be hipper with a durian orchard there. Throw in a
nasi lemak joint, it’ll beat whatever Wyoming’s gotta offer any
day for sure! :P


  1. spoonfork

    did he ever tried belacan? or cincaluk?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    we (abon and i) told him to try tuak if he ever swings by sarawak. i added that i know a very good tuak “specialist” who also studied at purdue last time! :D

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