Month: November 2001

Wireless Wonder

I had the chance to try out one of the most talked about technologies
of late, i.e. the 802.11b a.k.a. wireless LAN. I thought it’s pretty nifty!
I got my hands on a Lucent Orinoco AP-1000 access point (base
station) unit and some few Lucent Orinoco PC cards. If you’re a laptop
user, you’d find this quite a boon. We can now be really free from
the confines of the network cables as with these, you can really be
on the network and be mobile on your laptop! Of course, there’s a
limitation as to over what distance it can cover but from my initial tests,
it’s been great. Then, there’s also the issue of the laptop running out
of juice but that’s a whole different story! :) There are some things
within 802.11b that concerns me and that is security. Basically, if your
laptop is armed with one of those wireless LAN PC cards, you can
stumble into any networks that aren’t yours and within your range. If
the administrators of the network aren’t careful enough and do not
take enough precaution to lock it down somewhat, security breaches
can be a walk in the park. 802.11b does come with some security
features and for a small sized network, it’s just fine I suppose.
However, at a larger scale, the management of the network could be a
nightmare with the amount of ACLs, encryption keys, etc. that needs
to be maintained. Not only that, I feel like the mechanism provided
isn’t strong enough as mentioned in this
article. I’m in the midst of writing an article on my findings on 802.11b
so stay tuned.

Personal Website Manager V1.0

You would have noticed that I’ve added the Linkage section on the
sidebar now. Yes! And so with that, I think I’d like to declare this
Personal Website Manager system as V1.0 feature complete. There
may be some very minor bugs lurking here and there but that’s just
the way it is for now, I guess (Heh! I must be thinking like Microsoft
now! Bad, very bad!). However, the one thing that gets my head in is
the inconsistency of in the way the whole stuff is coded. I mean, sure
the whole thing works fine but HOW the whole thing (e.g. variable
declaration and convention, object instantiation, etc.) is built is
another thing. I’ll get around to cleaning all that up in an upcoming
point release. But for now, it’s just what it is. Source code will be made
available to those who request for now. I’m hoping to make the whole
thing publically available and downloadable in the upcoming point

Al-Fatihah For The Late King

The People’s King, His Majesty DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang
Dipertuan Agong Sultan Selangor passed away this afternoon at the
Gleneagles Medical Center. He was 75. Tomorrow has been declared
as a day of mourning. May Allah bless his soul.

Review: Shrek DVD

I thought I’d make this a first for my website: a DVD review! I went out
to Bukit Bintang area this afternoon and grabbed myself the long
awaited DVD copy of Shrek at Speedy Video. When Shrek first came
out earlier this year, I didn’t get the chance to watch it in the theaters
but rather on a crummy VCD copy. I thought it was the best movie to
have ever come out this year. Good storyline, incredible computer
generated graphics, great voices behind the characters. Due to the
quality of the VCD recording (it was pirated, whaddaya expect? :\ ), I
was deprived of watching the lush details that are of abundance
throughout the movie. I promised myself that I was gonna go out and
get the DVD once its out and I can tell you that it was worth all the sen
spent! I can now see how beautiful and detailed everything is in the
movie. The extra bits offered in the DVD are just awesome, i.e. The
Tech of Shrek documentary, Shrek’s Music Room and my favorite,
The Shrek Karaoke Swamp Song! Great stuff!


I just got back from work at 10:45am just now. You’re wondering, WTF?
Well, considering that I went to work YESTERDAY at 7:30am, I think
it’s only fair! Yeah, was a long day and night. Been awhile too since I
last pulled a stunt like this. I’m too dazed to think straight at this
moment. All I’m thinking right now is to get through Friday prayers
and lunch afterwards in one piece! :P No one’s at home at the moment
too since the rest of the family are down at JB. Yeah, the whole house
to myself! But I guess I’d be sleeping it over instead of enjoying the
occasional total ownership of the house. Heh!

Oh yeah, fasting month begins tomorrow. Heh! It was kinda funny at
4am this morning when Mel and I had a sudden panic attack over
whether we’d begin fasting today or not since we practically missed
watching any TV and were too preoccupied to bother with what’s going
on outside. :P

New Wheels

Our faithful Ford Laser 1.3 car of about 9 years has now made way
for a spanking new Proton Waja. I’m a bit miffed about Ayah choosing
the old Fiat’s car registration for the Waja. I was hoping he’d transfer
the Ford’s registration to the new car but alas that’s not the case. I
like the Ford’s registration number, not to mention the Ford itself.
Here’s a last picture taken of the car:

Quick One

Heh! I’ve been slacking, haven’t I? ;) I guess it’s still gonna continue
for a bit longer. Anyways, here’s the reason for today’s entry:


We now return to our regular programming…

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