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Scenes of Bangkok – Part 2

January, 2002

Scenes of Bangkok – Part 1

January, 2002

Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002

Whoohoohoo! I’ve never laughed so hard for four straight hours in my
lifetime ever! And I never thought I could break a sweat from laughing
too! I just came back from watching Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002
at The
Actor’s Studio
, Bangsar. It was certainly worth all the money spent!
The performers, Patrick Teoh, Comedy Court, Harith Iskandar and
Afdlin Shauki, are certainly the best and just damn good! How I wish
there were more performances like this! Patrick Teoh kicked the show
off introducing the line up and also a cheque presentation to Vision
Homes in Ipoh, to which proceeds from the show are forwarded to.
Comedy Court (featuring “Two Indian Fellas”) then took the stage and
they had a skit in which a female reporter from the BBC came down to
Malaysia to interview the person on the street. They mocked just about
every Malaysian on the street that we’d typically find (a Chinese
businessman, a Malay politician, an Indian lawyer, a Chinese pimp and
two Auntie characters) and it was certainly dead on! (One of their more
memorable lines being “Malaysia, truly Asia!”, “Can lah!”) Harith
Iskandar was up next with his stand up comedy act which again pokes
fun at Malaysians. Guys learnt a thing or two from his “Zen of Stillness”
in a relationship! After the intermission, Patrick Teoh and Jo Kukathas
took the stage, first Teoh as himself and Kukathas as a Y.B. (Yang
Berhormat) in a talk show skit and then Teoh as a Security Guard and
Kukathas in a character that can be implied as Dato’ Shahrizat Jalil
(her favorite line being “You are so ignorated/ignoration!” just brought
the whole house down!) was in a cloning lab/clinic. Afdlin Shauki was
definitely the best of the best! His jab at himself for being fat, his
liking for Angelina Jolie, at Siti Nurhaliza (complete with a parody of
‘Percayalah’), some inconviniences faced by our Sikh friends after the
events of 9/11 (with his spoofing R. Kelly’s number to “How I Wish I
Can Fly” and Britney Spears’ “I’m A Slave For You”), and the rendition
of “We Are The World” as would be sung by the original artists,
Bollywood artists (imagine We Are The World sung to the tune of “Mein
Shayar Tou Nahi” from the movie Bobby), Hong Kong artists and of
course, Malaysian artists (We Are The World to the tune of S.M. Salim’s
Apa Dah Jadi, Search’s Isabella, Ella’s Layar Impian and Raihan’s
Bismillah!). Man! Never had I thought Malaysian comedy can be this
good! All the thumbs I can get up to all of them for putting a blast of a

Bosses are biggest help desk bothers, says survey

Came across this piece of write up whilst checking up on stuff I’d miss
during the week. I’d say, how true! I can relate to the experience at
various points in time, past and present. Whenever a Company Big
Shot has a problem with the computer, we’re supposed to drop
everything and attend to the issue at once, only to find out that the
person forgot to issue the “Save” command, plug in a cord, move the
mouse back to the center of the mousepad after it got to the edge
(okay, so I exaggerated the last one there! still…) etc. etc. Compared
to five years ago, software developers have made such big strides in
making their products as user friendly and smart as possible, yet
people still fumble about. I guess my theory on “Make something as
idiot proof as possible and they’d come up with better idiots” holds
true then. Heh!

Of Bad and Irritating Songs

Ickk! Did the deejay really have to play that “Can’t Get You Outta My
Head” song by Kylie Minogue in the morning when people are just
about to wake up? That song really lives up to its name. You know
how the first thing that you listen to in the morning can stick in your
head for the rest of the day? Well now, I just can’t get the bloody ditty
out of my head! And it’s pissing me off! While we’re still on topic,
there’s another song I heard the other day that made me cringe,
“Stupid Cupid” by Mandy Moore.
Why oh why does she hafta squeal the ‘cupid’ part in the chorus?! It’s
worse than the sound of fingernails across a blackboard, if you know
what I mean. Urgghhh! Alright, alright. Something to calm me down…

Listening to Olivia – Bizounce

Drowned World Concert

I was watching Madonna’s Drowned World Tour concert on HBO
last night. Dang! Can that woman really perform! The whole concert
had a very theatrical feel to it and the songs she chose to perform
were very well coordinated and staged. I really liked the part where she
and the rest of the dancers were “flying” about the stage ala Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Sure beats Siti Nurhaliza’s attempt at that! Heh!
Imagine a 40-something year old woman kicking the ass of a 20 year
old girl doing the same thing. Not to diss Siti or anything (I think she’s
done a wonderful job so far) but she oughtta try being a bit more
“agressive” when performing. Yeah! I have this thing about agressive
(and intelligent) women! Dunno why! I just dig ’em!

Ooh! Got two tix for Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002
at The Actor’s Studio,
Bangsar this Saturday! Reviews
have been good so far. Can’t wait for Saturday, man!

Selamat Pengantin Baru: Cobou & Azlina

I was up at Selama, Perak (just some 30kms north of Taiping) this afternoon to attend a wedding reception of one of my juniors at Purdue. So, Cobou & Azlina, didoakan semoga bahagia berkekalan ke anak, cucu, cicit, di dunia dan akhirat!

As usual, whenever us ex-Boilermakers get together, it's bound to be a gathering of several hours! So right after the wedding we stopped by a couple of places, namely Bukit Merah and Taiping. We eventually left Taiping at about 10pm and I made it back to Kajang at about 1am after sending Shida home. Gee! I thought days like this would end once I graduated from Purdue. Heh! Talk about nostalgia! :P Oyez, pictures are here. (Bogo: I'm keeping my word on not sending out email to check out those pictures! :) )

Aight, three weddings so far this year and we're barely into the fourth week of January! So, who's next then? :P

Trip to Selama, Perak

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2002

Addicted to P2P

Hmmm! I dunno whether I should rejoice or regret over my recent
discovery of the Morpheus/Kazaa file sharing service on the Internet.
Yeah, I know it’s been in existence for quite some time already but I
just stumbled onto it when I read some news about it being touted as
the next Napster. Anyways, without realizing it, I’ve been downloading
some 700MB worth of stuff using the service over the past 4 hours
(I’m fortunate enough to be using a satellite broadband service at the
moment)! Just what did I download, you ask? Music video MPEGs, full
TV shows episodes (MPEG4 and DivX compression is doing to video
what MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) did to audio), etc. Just like how
Napster/Audiogalaxy did for audio files, this service handles even
more! On top of the usual audio stuff, it also does peer to peer file
sharing of video files, executables, etc. I did notice some warez
floating about the service as well. Those copyright enforcement bodies
are already making noise about its existence. I dunno how long this
thing’s gonna last but I suppose I’m gonna make use of it while the
taking’s good! :P I’m catching up on those music videos that we’re
deprived of watching here on this side of the planet (there’s a dearth
of r&b, hiphop, alternative music videos here since MTV Asia
and Channel V
almost constantly feeds us with bubblegum pop (read boyband) stuff.
On the other hand, I gotta watch the time I spend on the Net. This
thing can be quite addictive!

Monday Stress

My assignment in Bangkok is essentially done already so now I’m back
working at KL again. If there was ever a time when I’m not glad to be
back on home soil, this would be it. It took me a frickin’ hour and a
half to reach the office via KTM & LRT this morning. After about eight
trains had passed on the opposite side of the tracks (the one heading
towards PJ) only then did one actually arrive, which by then was really
packed like sardines (reminiscent of those days of the mini-buses).
*Sigh* First the roads now this? Will there ever be a day where I can
actually go to work in KL without stressing myself up? I’m seriously
getting tired of this commute thingy. A couple of months back, I was
forced to drive myself to work every morning for about 6 months and I
really loathe the experience. Why? ‘Cos it takes a bloody hour to get
thru a 10 mile distance! And don’t get me started on my having to put
up with other road users! By the time I make it to the workplace, I’m
already too riled up to actually sit down and start working right away.
And the cycle continues every day. I was thinking taking the trains to
work would be the better way. Well it was, but not today it seems. I’m
just hoping it’s just one of those days.

It’s just one of those days
Where ya don’t wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.
You don’t really know why

But you wanna justify rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker!

It’s just one of those days!

Listening to: Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff (My official Monday
morning anthem)

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