Came across this piece of write up whilst checking up on stuff I’d miss
during the week. I’d say, how true! I can relate to the experience at
various points in time, past and present. Whenever a Company Big
Shot has a problem with the computer, we’re supposed to drop
everything and attend to the issue at once, only to find out that the
person forgot to issue the “Save” command, plug in a cord, move the
mouse back to the center of the mousepad after it got to the edge
(okay, so I exaggerated the last one there! still…) etc. etc. Compared
to five years ago, software developers have made such big strides in
making their products as user friendly and smart as possible, yet
people still fumble about. I guess my theory on “Make something as
idiot proof as possible and they’d come up with better idiots” holds
true then. Heh!