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Back Online

Okay! So I’m gonna cheat a bit as far as the log entries for the past
three weeks are concerned. My modem got zapped the other day and
when I finally replaced it two weekends ago, the phone line was found
to be horribly noisy and crackling all the way that it was impossible to
connect. Turns out that the lightning strike affected Telekom’s switch
as well. Anyways, it finally got fixed today. During the outage, I was
still scriblling stuff on a text editor and so today I’m putting ’em all in.
Good to be back!


Bart, Izaidy, Shida and I went to see Actorlympics at The Actors Studio,
Bangsar this evening. If you’re familiar with the show, Whose Line
Is It Anyway
, you’ll pretty much have a grasp on how this show
works. Essentially, the performers on stage (Harith Iskandar, Afdlin
Shauki, Zahim Al-Bakri, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas and Nell Ng) will have to
think of a performance based on what the audience tells and they have
to improvise everything on the go! Compared to the US version hosted
by Drew Carey, I think Actorlympics still leaves much room for
improvement. I was hoping there would be a song routine like
performed by that dude Wayne Brady. Nevertheless, it was still fairly
entertaining. I was seriously considering getting on stage if they were
to ask for any volunteers. However, it was only during the Questions
Only part so I wasn’t really too keen on that. But hey! At least I got
them do Cinderella in a Tiger Show genre when was prompted! Heheh!

Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes: 1971-2002

Just as the entertainment world was recovering from its grief in the loss
of Aaliyah last September, another star was lost today as Lisa ‘Left-Eye’
Lopes, the cute-as-a-button member of the popular girl hip-hop group
TLC, died today in a car accident while vacationing in Honduras. She
was 31. May she rest in peace.

A Day At Sunway Lagoon

Ever since Sunway Lagoon opened its doors to the public like almost a
decade ago, I have yet to go there to see what they offer. Well, since
today is a public holiday in conjunction with the installation of the new
Yang Dipertuan Agong, Bart, Penang and I took the opportunity to
spend half a day at the amusement park. We took on the rides
multiple times since the wasn’t any queue to talk about in the first
place. Upon entering, we were mighty disappointed already when we
were told that the waterpark section is closed for repairs. Anyways,
since we were there, we just tried to make the best out of it. The first
one we tried was the Tomahawk which is essentially two giant pendulums
that takes the riders on a 360 loop a few times. It was then off to the
Runaway Train, a roller coaster ride that takes the riders up and down
a few dips, valleys and caves. We went on to try out the Colorado Splash,
Grand Canyon River Rapids and Niagra Falls Flume Ride before we took
a dip in the Surf Pool. Overall, I’d say it’s rather okay. The rides are
rather mild though (yet Bart and Penang still had to hold on to the
handles while riding them as opposed to just letting your hands free
like the way it SHOULD!). My opinion is of course, biased since I have
been exposed to amusement/theme parks of bigger and badder
magnitudes when I was in the States (Can anybody say
Cedar Point,
Six Flags or
Busch Gardens?).
They oughtta improve it a lot though and not leave most of the rides
and attractions just as it is in its current state.

Local Music Being Pirated? I Think Not

The local music industry held its award show tonight in the
Anugerah Industri Muzik 2002.
The whole show was pathetic to say the least. Lacklustre performances,
un-inspired speeches and what the heck was Bob Lokman doing up
there? Afdlin wasn’t really at his best. His pairing with Bob was
something that fell short of many expectations. In the past, the AIM
was setting new benchmarks and standards that other award shows try
to live up to but this time around, AIM just fell flat and short of many
of its past shows. The presenters who presented the awards and artists
who come up to receive awards mostly repeated through and through
what was reputed to be the theme of the night: “Buy orinigals, do not
support piracy”. Album sales are reportedly down over the past two
years and they’re saying that it’s attributed to the pirates at large
selling bootlegged copies of their albums. It struck me something.
When you come across any stalls selling pirated stuff, how many of
them are actually pirated goods of locally produced music albums? Not
many right? It got me thinking along this line instead. Perhaps it’s
those artists and record companies themselves who are at fault. How?
Well, to put it bluntly, most of the stuff that they’re giving us just plain
sucks! Local album sales are down mainly because the public has
gotten sick of the same kinda stuff that’s being put out there in the
market again and again. Most new artists that come into the market
are not really giving us refreshingly new but rather, songs from the
same set of composers of other artists. I don’t think the piracy factor
holds much water anymore when sales of local artists’ albums can only
reach 50,000 units (at most!) while album sales of foreign artists can
reach up to 200,000 mark these days. Or is my logic seriously flawed?
Local artists need to get their acts together as far as their art is
concerned. They really need to break out from the mould and give us
something that would make us all take the cotton wools out of our

Boilermakers Mid Valley Gathering

A bunch of us met up at Mid Valley this evening since Raida was
gracious enough to treat us all dinner for helping her out with her survey!
Thank you, Rai! We all later settled for a movie at the theatre. It’s been
a while since I last saw a movie in the theatre (think the last one I saw
was M:I2. Sad, huh?) and today, I finally broke the spell. The movie
that we saw wasn’t really something to shout about though, A Walk To
Remember, starring singer Mandy Moore. I shall spare the details here
in case anyone who reads this stuff is looking forward to watching it.
The storyline is rather typical, bad boy turned good after falling for the
local pastor’s sweet innocent daughter. Mandy’s performance is amateurish
overall. If there’s one thing that I like from the movie is the bunch of
songs that came up in the movie. I’ve heard Switchfoot’s I Dare You To
Move before and now I know why it got popular. :\ There was that
rather inspiring piano ballad, Only Hope sung by Mandy herself in a
musical sequence of the play in the movie. I’m thinking she should
concentrate on her singing career for now. So long as she pouts in her
music videos, I’m gonna keep watching ’em. Heh! ;)

Personal Thoughts On FreeBSD

I’ve always liked FreeBSD
before and now I like it even better! For some reason or another, I
never quite liked Linux although it
is more popular amongst the alternative operating systems out there.
It never felt as “UNIX” as UNIX oughtta be, but that’s just me. It’s quite
a shame that FreeBSD is not as well supported in terms of hardware by
the hardware vendors themselves. Point in example is nVidia.
They’ve released drivers for Linux but not FreeBSD. However, a bunch
of people out there got their GeForce cards to work under FreeBSD. Still
there are other hardware that’s not quite supported under FreeBSD, e.g.
Creative’s SB Live. It’s also sad that some hardware are driven by
operating system as well, i.e. those sucky winmodems. Had it not been
for all that, FreeBSD would’ve easily replaced Win2K Pro as the primary
OS on my main PC at home.

Anyways, I got more stuff to work on the laptop. I’m particularly please
with the Orinoco wireless LAN card working under it as I’m intent on
getting Snort and AirSnort to work so that I can further my research
within the area.

On another note, I got a bunch of tickets for Actorlympics show at
The Actor’s Studio
this April 25th. The concept of it is similiar to that of “Whose Line
Is It Anyway
“, where the participants (usually comedians) make up
everything during the show with no prepared scripts or such. The line-up
this time is Harith Iskandar, Afdlin Shauki, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas and
Nell Ng with Patrick Teoh hosting. Looking forward to it already! :)

Lightning Got My Modem Cooked, Again!

Stupid afternoon thunderstorm got my modem cooked again. *Sigh*
This is the 6th modem already and it’s even protected with a lightning
surge protector, so I dunno what gives. The last two modems I was
using were a good ones too (by 3Com and Creative) as compared to
other sucky winmodems. A quick IP and routing change and the
machines on my home network is still able to get onto the Internet via
the laptop. But whenever I’m not home, Mom and Sis can’t get on the
‘Net. So, I gotta be shopping for a modem soon. It’s gotta be internal.
Although I acknowledge external modems are somewhat better, I just
can’t stand the extra clutter in my workstation. There are already some
serious spaghetti going on at the back, so not having to add anything
else just helps to keep the clutter at where it is right now.

FreeBSD Running On My Laptop, Finally!

I’ve been mucking about trying to get FreeBSD 4.5 – Release to run on my laptop (a Dell Latitude C600) and by God, I actually managed to get it all (X-Windows, XFCE, XMMS, Mozilla, GIMP) running perfectly! Woohoo! The graphics is showing fine (X-Windows is up and running with XFCE fronting as the Window Manager), the network adapters (both 3Com 3C556 and the CNet CN40BC), sound (XMMS is blasting away some MP3s at the moment), XChat, just about most of the stuff I need are practically working. I was thinking that the experience would be quite bad since it’s on a laptop that I was going to install it onto but heck, it turned out to be darned pleasant! We’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks when I can actually show people that I can do stuff on my laptop loaded with UNIX just as they do on Windows.

Sheila On 7 Censored For Crooning ‘Celaka’

The powers that be who holds the all powerful proverbial media scissors
in this country has done it again. This time, Indonesian group Sheila On 7,
whose songs such as “Sephia” are popular among Malaysians,
is the victim. I’m not actually too surprised at the outcome, knowing
how naive and narrow minded some people who have the authority over
these things can be. Apparently, S07 fault lies in the chorus of the song
Seberapa Pantas” taken off their latest album. The word
“celaka” was used liberally throughout and it costed them not being
able to do the simultaneous release of the single both in Indonesia
and Malaysia as well as having to re-record the song with the word
replaced with “Sayangnya” to please the censors here. Obviously, our
censors take the word in the literal sense in Bahasa Melayu without even
considering or even bothering to look up what it actually means in Bahasa
Indonesia. Freedom of expression through the arts in this country? Not
likely if things like this were to continue. Move on with the times, for
crying out loud! We can’t be producing P. Ramlee kinda songs and
movies all the time, must we? And they’re surprised at how stagnant
our movie industry is. Sheesh! Fairy
has a very good write up
on the issue.

Listening to: Adema – The Way You Like It

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