Bart, Izaidy, Shida and I went to see Actorlympics at The Actors Studio,
Bangsar this evening. If you’re familiar with the show, Whose Line
Is It Anyway
, you’ll pretty much have a grasp on how this show
works. Essentially, the performers on stage (Harith Iskandar, Afdlin
Shauki, Zahim Al-Bakri, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas and Nell Ng) will have to
think of a performance based on what the audience tells and they have
to improvise everything on the go! Compared to the US version hosted
by Drew Carey, I think Actorlympics still leaves much room for
improvement. I was hoping there would be a song routine like
performed by that dude Wayne Brady. Nevertheless, it was still fairly
entertaining. I was seriously considering getting on stage if they were
to ask for any volunteers. However, it was only during the Questions
Only part so I wasn’t really too keen on that. But hey! At least I got
them do Cinderella in a Tiger Show genre when was prompted! Heheh!