Month: September 2004

Can You Smell What The Car Is Cooking?

The car was smelling funny after driving it and it wasn’t because
I haven’t showered or have a severe body odor problem. A quick
peek under the hood revealed some engine oil spillage making
contact with the hot engine chassis. Highly likely that the
gasket is cracked and needs replacing. Looks like the wallet will
be stretching its lean streak and yours truly will be on an
extended diet of his own bachelor geek chow
when the car returns from the workshop. Fasting month is looming
on the horizon anyways so it can’t be all that bad, can it?

Bachelor Geek Chow

It’s the middle of the month and the wallet’s a bit on the lean side to go out and eat. But I gotta eat anyways and it better not be some noodle from a packet that takes five minutes to prepare. Looking at the leftover stuff that’s in the nourishment storage server, I felt a bit adventurous and came up with this quasi-noodle (click for the how-to) out of a packet that takes 10 minutes to prepare instead.

Macaroni Tuna Salad


  1. 1/2 a bag of corkscrew macaroni
  2. 1 can of tuna spread (Ayam brand)
  3. 1/4 of a carrot stick
  4. 1 small onion


  1. Cook that half bag of macaroni till al dente. Rinse with cold water when done and drain.
  2. Slice that quarter of a carrot stick (about an inch and a half or so) and that small onion into fine slices.
  3. Now mix them all (macaroni, carrot, onion and tuna spread) in a bowl until they’re all evenly coated.
  4. Stash them in the nourishment storage server (otherwise known as a refrigerator) for a couple of hours (or if you’re like me, days) before consuming.
  5. If it’s a bit bland for your liking, you can always splatter some Maggi chilli sauce or better still, some Arizona Hot Sauce. If all fails, nick a bottle of that Thai sauce from your nearby KFC outlet.
  6. “Fresh Oren” can always be used to get that drama swasta effect.

Hair Like Hugh

Mom watched Four Weddings And A Funeral
the other night. Halfway through the movie she blurted, “Dude!
Your hair is like Hugh Grant’s!” Yes, it’s that time of year when
I’m due for the year quarterly visit to the barber and yes,
mothers out there should really refrain from using the word
“dude” to their sons. Made my scalp sprout a patch of grey hair
upon hearing that.


Stop pickin’ on me
Because I’m a geek
I’m strange to you
You’re strange to me
Well one of these days
I’m gonna pack heat
Your brains on the wall
My face… my face on TV!

Available in the following flavors: Geek (Album Mix) and Geek (It’s All Geek To Me Mix) and its accompanying karaoke singalong guide. Props to MC Chris.

Update (1600 hours): Lemme throw you the Top 11 Geek Pick Up Lines as well while I’m on the subject.

MC Chris – Geek (Album Mix)
MC Chris – Geek (It’s All Geek To Me Mix)

Desktop Tidiness

Are your shortcut icons getting the best of you? Does it seem
they just keep piling up? How can you enjoy your wallpaper with
such a mess? The #5 boyband in the world reveals the solution to
your desktop problems in their music video.

Lock The Taskbar!
Click to watch.

Merdeka Weekend Wedding And Childbirth

Congratulations to one of my childhood friends, Dipendra, who tied the knot (both figuratively and literally speaking) with his sweetheart Sharon. Managed to catch the ceremony at the Kajang Sikh temple last Saturday. Picture below.

Congratulations also to one of my kawan-kawan Internet, Lyna and her husband Hafiz who have been blessed with a healthy baby boy, Mirza Ikhwan Hafiz Ikhwan Mirza Hafiz, last Monday. I still haven’t managed to go visit, hence no picture(s) as yet. I was once told she wants to be in photo reclusion until she regains her figure like how Ziana Zain did it.

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