Green Thumbing

Our garden got featured in today’s The Star’s Metro section
(Plants Part and Parcel of Sitinorlia’s Life).
And no, I don’t recall spending hours in the garden taking
pictures of it like what is written at the end of that article. I
only spent a couple of hours photoshopping those pictures I took.


  1. grace

    ello~ just happened across your blog. hmmm… i’m going to check out that article later. drop me a line at my blog: cheers!

  2. Rudy

    hmmm, i think i spent more time in your mom’s kitchen than the garden lah, dude ;)

    nways, nice to see them again albeit from the web…kim salam to ur folks.

  3. osman a.k.a. semey

    whoa. nice garden u all got, hmm… guess I havnt been there for awhile :(. ….. anyway… I’m now at ;)

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