I’m Not A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Jail!

In a break from the crazy normalcy that I've been having, I had to make a court appearance this morning for not having enough cash to bribe the cop a traffic violation a couple of weeks back. So I pleaded guilty to the charge and lo and behold. I did not have enough cash to pay for the summons at the court. The next 30 minutes was probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me on a Monday: I got temporarily locked up in a cell before Shazee bailed me out. I want to feel all gangsta about it but then I remembered Nicole Richie spending 83 minutes behind bars and Khloe Kardashian got locked up for 173 minutes so my time behind bars pales in comparison to theirs. Heck, even the biggest nerd on the planet, Bill Gates was behind bars for a couple of hours before being bailed.

On the other hand, I'm happy to report that I'm still a virgin after my 30 minute ordeal but sad at the same time because I still haven't gotten laid at this age.


  1. jaywalker_82

    Smooth criminal!

  2. laydiefa

    supp street gangstah!?

  3. Sashi

    Damn, dude. You got street cred now.

    Anyway, there’s this [generic 24-hour convenience store] joint I’ve been casing… you want in, gangsta?

  4. pyerudz

    nasib baik kau tak kena "adjust" dalam lock up tu, hahaha.

  5. BunVirus

    lol.. dude.. ur the man..
    so ur really into T-pain app until u want to be convict issit?
    now u n akon can geng make album already.. :D :D

  6. Albert Ng

    Er, how come you didn’t have enough cash? Was it a temporary oversight or did they up the penalty?

    Interestingly I know 2 people who have been in jail. Story for next time!

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