Mamma Mia Love Story

Ever since I first heard Taylor Swift’s Love Story, my mind just can’t help going off on ABBA’s Mamma Mia right after the chorus and it’s been bugging me since. I suppose that’s what happens to you when you grow up during ABBA’s era (can somebody say therapy?). So after managing to source for the respective instrumental and acapella tracks, I managed to put this mash together. I used Mamma Mia from Mamma Mia: The Movie Soundtrack sung by Meryl Streep instead for this one. It’s nowhere as epic as John Schmidt‘s Love Story Meets Vida La Vida (which he has since pulled down from his site due to clearance issues) but if you can imagine Taylor Swift and a bunch of pixies tippy-toeing on the meadow in spring to this song in a music video, I think it’s almost there.

Oh, by the way, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish… but ABBA had the best track of all time!

dJcybersonique presents Taylor Swift vs. Abba – Mamma Mia Love Story


  1. pyerudz

    taylor swift ni punya custom acoustic gitar chun gile!

  2. FarhahNur

    Im just duin sum blog walking here

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