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It’s The Thing That Keeps Me On The Edge

Sam (played by delicious Natalie Portman) said this in
Garden State:

“This is your one opportunity to do something that no
one has ever done before and that no one will copy throughout
human existence. And if nothing else, you will be remembered as
the one guy who ever did this. This one thing.”

That day may be just around the corner for me. It may never even
come at all, for all I know. Maybe I’ll clue you guys in when it
does. If it doesn’t, I’ll still be on the lookout though.

In The End

I know the fight when you struggle every morning
Just to face that world one more day
And you’re holding on to life while a northern wind is blowing
Just believe your help is on the way

In the end, you’re gonna find that strength that lies within
And in the end, all you need is the comfort of a friend
And in the end, you won’t break ’cause you’re learning how to bend
And the hand of God will guide you always, in the end.

Life has a funny way of bringing out the best by bringing on
the pain.

I Wanna Banana Hammock

With so many balls you’re juggling in the air, it can get a
little overwhelming sometimes. Enough to push whatever tiny
little headache you’re having into a full blown migraine. You
know you’re over the edge already when blood vessels are popping
all over your cranial regions.

I’m no Superman, really.
And I could sure use some help from Ultramen
right now.

Gila Punya Cilok!

I must have been a very good boy lately. I got invited to the
press preview of Afdlin Shauki’s Baik Punya Cilok
yesterday. Unfortunately, I could not do justice to the privilege
given as I did not manage to sit through the whole movie due to
prior commitments and last minute scheduling change due to the
public holiday the day before. As a result, I’m now suffering
from a massive movie cliffhanger syndrome (I only got into 1/3rd
of the movie to be exact). Nonetheless, I think the movie is
worth parting a bit of your cash with like
Sepet and
Gol & Gincu,
which is what I’ll be doing as soon as the movie is out for
public viewing in order to get over this darned cliffhanger

The sound in this movie doesn’t bleed ears, by the way — it
blows whatever earwax you have in your auditory canals. You won’t
get that on them skanky assed pirated VCDs/DVDs, yo.

I Dream Of Moist Muffins

A few people have been telling me that they have been having
dreams involving yours truly lately. If you happen to be one of
them and is a member of the opposite sex (bonus points if you’re
one of them Hot Malay Girls),
do tell me if it involved some form of moisture. Let’s talk and
see if there’s a chance for any possible future re-enactment in
real life. If you’re a guy and it involved moisture too, do tell
so that I can bitch/pimp slap
you to your senses. Unless of course, if that dream involved
bitch/pimp slapping AND moisture AND you’re a guy, in which case,
let me just kick you in the nuts till you talk in the key of F#.

Meeting Dr. M

I was privileged enough to be invited to attend a forum
organized by Institut Kajian Politik dan Ekonomi (IKAPE) for a
talk on Current Issues In Malaysian Politics
today, whose speaker was none other than Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
himself. It was certainly interesting to hear Dr. M’s take on
some issues that are still simmering like the Approved Permits
(AP), blatant abuse of power, the shortcomings of the current
education system in not being able to instill character and
proper values, etc. etc. although he contends that there really
are no pressing issues these days. He’s still as witty as
always as is evident when describing our poor negotiation
skills (except for the vegetables for cars trade with Japan)
and some slightly naughty remarks about some Ministers who are
long overdue for retirement. I did find him contradicting
himself on a few occasions during the speech and then the
Question & Answer session though. One of his remarks during the
forum has already made the news.
Nik Nazmi has more on Questioning Mahathir.

For someone who underrates politics
and is very much apolitical,
I consider my being able to attend today’s forum a personal
achievement. I don’t recall my brain being this attentive on
Saturdays ever.

Back In Da Ghettos of Koala Lompa!

Aah… Kuala Lumpur. Land of substandard high density buildings
occupied by people with blatant
lack of civic consciousness
(at least the place that I live at), roads that lets cars have a
lifespan of 3-7 years due to the perpetual construction they
undergo and then suck the life
out of its users (at least the ones that I have to use on a daily
basis), areas that has enough concentrations of expatriates to
make you temporarily feel like you’re
living in a different country
(again, the place where I live at), and a nation that is still
scratching its head over the origin, tempo and melody of its
national anthem. It’s been slightly over a week since I left this
place and nothing much has changed. There are some
Hot Malay Girls
here too. Can’t be the water.

Singapore, December 2005

December, 2005

Singa Pura-pura Sengal

Aah… Singapore. (Is)Land of High Density Buildings (HDB), cars
that mostly have a road lifespan of 5 to 7 years on the average,
Ah Bengs and Ah Lians (otherwise known as
Type 3 Chinese)
with English names that are bordering on the pretentious
(Aloysius Siew, Jebediah Gan or Pagan Wee anyone? Note: surnames
have been changed to protect yours truly from any possibility of
being caned, cavity searched or subjected to naked earsquats. Oh
wait, wrong country), and a nation that sings their national
anthem in a language that a majority of their people don’t speak
or understand. It’s what Kuala Lumpur could have been had it had
better urban township planning. It’s been three years since my
last trip here and everything seems to be more or less the same
when I left it, although these days I heard they’ve got some
pretty Hot Malay Girls.
Must be the water.

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