Gila Punya Cilok!

I must have been a very good boy lately. I got invited to the
press preview of Afdlin Shauki’s Baik Punya Cilok
yesterday. Unfortunately, I could not do justice to the privilege
given as I did not manage to sit through the whole movie due to
prior commitments and last minute scheduling change due to the
public holiday the day before. As a result, I’m now suffering
from a massive movie cliffhanger syndrome (I only got into 1/3rd
of the movie to be exact). Nonetheless, I think the movie is
worth parting a bit of your cash with like
Sepet and
Gol & Gincu,
which is what I’ll be doing as soon as the movie is out for
public viewing in order to get over this darned cliffhanger

The sound in this movie doesn’t bleed ears, by the way — it
blows whatever earwax you have in your auditory canals. You won’t
get that on them skanky assed pirated VCDs/DVDs, yo.


  1. Nina

    Good boy ye? Hmmm… :-p
    go watch-watch la nanti before the syndrome get any worse.. :D

  2. bibi

    I thnk Afdlin really likes you! Or perhaps you guys are somewhat related.

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