In The End

I know the fight when you struggle every morning
Just to face that world one more day
And you’re holding on to life while a northern wind is blowing
Just believe your help is on the way

In the end, you’re gonna find that strength that lies within
And in the end, all you need is the comfort of a friend
And in the end, you won’t break ’cause you’re learning how to bend
And the hand of God will guide you always, in the end.

Life has a funny way of bringing out the best by bringing on
the pain.


  1. pyerudz

    hey bro, isn’t it, after you’ve got the best, the pain heals by itself?
    like linkin park once said,
    in the end, it doesnt even matter.

  2. pyerudz

    btw, your photo is already in my blog. go check it out.

  3. mamasan

    sounds like you’re feeling a little of the pain
    right now… hope everything will be okay
    soon. call a time out, drop some of those
    juggling balls! go for thai massage, very
    good wan! Happy New Year.

  4. zin

    In the end its not between you and them, it is all between you and HIM… Anyway………. ( dipetik dari konsumer penguna pulau pinang )

  5. Rudy

    u & me both, bro…anyone up for Pain 101 in Business?

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