Meeting Dr. M

I was privileged enough to be invited to attend a forum
organized by Institut Kajian Politik dan Ekonomi (IKAPE) for a
talk on Current Issues In Malaysian Politics
today, whose speaker was none other than Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
himself. It was certainly interesting to hear Dr. M’s take on
some issues that are still simmering like the Approved Permits
(AP), blatant abuse of power, the shortcomings of the current
education system in not being able to instill character and
proper values, etc. etc. although he contends that there really
are no pressing issues these days. He’s still as witty as
always as is evident when describing our poor negotiation
skills (except for the vegetables for cars trade with Japan)
and some slightly naughty remarks about some Ministers who are
long overdue for retirement. I did find him contradicting
himself on a few occasions during the speech and then the
Question & Answer session though. One of his remarks during the
forum has already made the news.
Nik Nazmi has more on Questioning Mahathir.

For someone who underrates politics
and is very much apolitical,
I consider my being able to attend today’s forum a personal
achievement. I don’t recall my brain being this attentive on
Saturdays ever.

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  1. Nina

    What a meaningful and fulfilling day for someone (uhuk!) who still underrates politics and is very much apolitical. I guess that someone’s (uhuk!) stomach was all right the whole day as that someone’s (uhuk!) ability to be so attentive in spite of that someone’s (uhuk!uhuk!) is still underrated politics and is very much apolitical too!

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