Ever since Sunway Lagoon opened its doors to the public like almost a
decade ago, I have yet to go there to see what they offer. Well, since
today is a public holiday in conjunction with the installation of the new
Yang Dipertuan Agong, Bart, Penang and I took the opportunity to
spend half a day at the amusement park. We took on the rides
multiple times since the wasn’t any queue to talk about in the first
place. Upon entering, we were mighty disappointed already when we
were told that the waterpark section is closed for repairs. Anyways,
since we were there, we just tried to make the best out of it. The first
one we tried was the Tomahawk which is essentially two giant pendulums
that takes the riders on a 360 loop a few times. It was then off to the
Runaway Train, a roller coaster ride that takes the riders up and down
a few dips, valleys and caves. We went on to try out the Colorado Splash,
Grand Canyon River Rapids and Niagra Falls Flume Ride before we took
a dip in the Surf Pool. Overall, I’d say it’s rather okay. The rides are
rather mild though (yet Bart and Penang still had to hold on to the
handles while riding them as opposed to just letting your hands free
like the way it SHOULD!). My opinion is of course, biased since I have
been exposed to amusement/theme parks of bigger and badder
magnitudes when I was in the States (Can anybody say
Cedar Point,
Six Flags or
Busch Gardens?).
They oughtta improve it a lot though and not leave most of the rides
and attractions just as it is in its current state.