Local Music Being Pirated? I Think Not

The local music industry held its award show tonight in the
Anugerah Industri Muzik 2002.
The whole show was pathetic to say the least. Lacklustre performances,
un-inspired speeches and what the heck was Bob Lokman doing up
there? Afdlin wasn’t really at his best. His pairing with Bob was
something that fell short of many expectations. In the past, the AIM
was setting new benchmarks and standards that other award shows try
to live up to but this time around, AIM just fell flat and short of many
of its past shows. The presenters who presented the awards and artists
who come up to receive awards mostly repeated through and through
what was reputed to be the theme of the night: “Buy orinigals, do not
support piracy”. Album sales are reportedly down over the past two
years and they’re saying that it’s attributed to the pirates at large
selling bootlegged copies of their albums. It struck me something.
When you come across any stalls selling pirated stuff, how many of
them are actually pirated goods of locally produced music albums? Not
many right? It got me thinking along this line instead. Perhaps it’s
those artists and record companies themselves who are at fault. How?
Well, to put it bluntly, most of the stuff that they’re giving us just plain
sucks! Local album sales are down mainly because the public has
gotten sick of the same kinda stuff that’s being put out there in the
market again and again. Most new artists that come into the market
are not really giving us refreshingly new but rather, songs from the
same set of composers of other artists. I don’t think the piracy factor
holds much water anymore when sales of local artists’ albums can only
reach 50,000 units (at most!) while album sales of foreign artists can
reach up to 200,000 mark these days. Or is my logic seriously flawed?
Local artists need to get their acts together as far as their art is
concerned. They really need to break out from the mould and give us
something that would make us all take the cotton wools out of our


  1. lionel

    couldn’t agree more.

    this is the only blog i’ve stumbled upon with an AIM2002 commentary so far. i have mine, at http://lionelsden.iwarp.com.

  2. se'me

    You are right, nevertheless there exists tendencies of buying 10 pirated foreign CDs ( at RM3.50 each ) rather than just a single of any Local Albums at the same price. So… in-directly it is affecting the local industry as well as many opt to spend their RM40 on foreign material. Not only do I get quality but also quantity for my bucks.

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