A bunch of us met up at Mid Valley this evening since Raida was
gracious enough to treat us all dinner for helping her out with her survey!
Thank you, Rai! We all later settled for a movie at the theatre. It’s been
a while since I last saw a movie in the theatre (think the last one I saw
was M:I2. Sad, huh?) and today, I finally broke the spell. The movie
that we saw wasn’t really something to shout about though, A Walk To
Remember, starring singer Mandy Moore. I shall spare the details here
in case anyone who reads this stuff is looking forward to watching it.
The storyline is rather typical, bad boy turned good after falling for the
local pastor’s sweet innocent daughter. Mandy’s performance is amateurish
overall. If there’s one thing that I like from the movie is the bunch of
songs that came up in the movie. I’ve heard Switchfoot’s I Dare You To
Move before and now I know why it got popular. :\ There was that
rather inspiring piano ballad, Only Hope sung by Mandy herself in a
musical sequence of the play in the movie. I’m thinking she should
concentrate on her singing career for now. So long as she pouts in her
music videos, I’m gonna keep watching ’em. Heh! ;)