I’ve always liked FreeBSD
before and now I like it even better! For some reason or another, I
never quite liked Linux although it
is more popular amongst the alternative operating systems out there.
It never felt as “UNIX” as UNIX oughtta be, but that’s just me. It’s quite
a shame that FreeBSD is not as well supported in terms of hardware by
the hardware vendors themselves. Point in example is nVidia.
They’ve released drivers for Linux but not FreeBSD. However, a bunch
of people out there got their GeForce cards to work under FreeBSD. Still
there are other hardware that’s not quite supported under FreeBSD, e.g.
Creative’s SB Live. It’s also sad that some hardware are driven by
operating system as well, i.e. those sucky winmodems. Had it not been
for all that, FreeBSD would’ve easily replaced Win2K Pro as the primary
OS on my main PC at home.

Anyways, I got more stuff to work on the laptop. I’m particularly please
with the Orinoco wireless LAN card working under it as I’m intent on
getting Snort and AirSnort to work so that I can further my research
within the area.

On another note, I got a bunch of tickets for Actorlympics show at
The Actor’s Studio
this April 25th. The concept of it is similiar to that of “Whose Line
Is It Anyway
“, where the participants (usually comedians) make up
everything during the show with no prepared scripts or such. The line-up
this time is Harith Iskandar, Afdlin Shauki, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas and
Nell Ng with Patrick Teoh hosting. Looking forward to it already! :)