Sheila On 7 Censored For Crooning ‘Celaka’

The powers that be who holds the all powerful proverbial media scissors
in this country has done it again. This time, Indonesian group Sheila On 7,
whose songs such as “Sephia” are popular among Malaysians,
is the victim. I’m not actually too surprised at the outcome, knowing
how naive and narrow minded some people who have the authority over
these things can be. Apparently, S07 fault lies in the chorus of the song
Seberapa Pantas” taken off their latest album. The word
“celaka” was used liberally throughout and it costed them not being
able to do the simultaneous release of the single both in Indonesia
and Malaysia as well as having to re-record the song with the word
replaced with “Sayangnya” to please the censors here. Obviously, our
censors take the word in the literal sense in Bahasa Melayu without even
considering or even bothering to look up what it actually means in Bahasa
Indonesia. Freedom of expression through the arts in this country? Not
likely if things like this were to continue. Move on with the times, for
crying out loud! We can’t be producing P. Ramlee kinda songs and
movies all the time, must we? And they’re surprised at how stagnant
our movie industry is. Sheesh! Fairy
has a very good write up
on the issue.

Listening to: Adema – The Way You Like It

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  1. Fairy

    Hi Redzuan! Thanks for mentioning about the Celaka article :D Well said lah about our entertainment industry, we are like soooo rigid you know? I thought art was supposed to be all flowy and liberal. We’re not going to get anywhere with all these ‘old’ people still around, ya know what I’m sayin’…

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