Hmm… I must be in the ‘zone
right now. With the right kind of environment (no unnecessary
distractions), mindset and mood, I actually managed to get a lot of
stuff done both personal and work related. Here’s something employers,
especially here in Malaysia, should consider. With all the stuff that
technology has enabled us to do, employees should be given the
choice of how they want to work. Although the infrastructure is not up to
par yet, to some who are privileged enough, telecommuting should be
made an option. Why is this? Think of it. For some people, getting to
work is really a stress inducing experience with all the traffic jams that
they have to contend with to get to the workplace. Not only that,
precious time is wasted during those said traffic jams when the person
can’t do anything else but sit in the car with the hands on the wheels
and occasionally give the finger when other drivers are being
inconsiderate. Telecommuting on the other hand, alleviates that. I for
one feel that I can produce better results from telecommuting. You
aren’t easily drawn into any gossip conversations, unnecessary banters,
people dragging you off your seat to help them out with something
minute, etc. At the same time, your form of “healthy” distractions, e.g.
having music blare from your speakers, won’t be in the way of your
colleagues. For working parents with children, you can also keep an eye
on the kid and/or babysitter. I’m not saying that we should completely
go into telecommuting and forget about establishing face-time
altogether, but if the facility is there, why not use it as and when
necessary? It’s all about knowing when to use technology and also
improving the quality of life for some people in the end.

I wanted to watch the Formula One race last night but my eyelids got
the better of me and it ended up the TV watching me instead. I really
shouldn’t have stayed up all night the night before. Anyways, Michael
Schumacher (Ferarri) won the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, Sao
Paolo in the F2002 with brother Ralf in the Williams-BMW taking second
place and David Coulthard (McLaren-Mercedes) finishing the race in his
first podium finish of the season at third place.

Is it just me or is April Fools becoming an old hat? Don’t see that many
jokes being pulled around this year. I did manage to pull off an April
Fools though by announcing my “engagement” and “marriage”. Heh!

Here’s one that went quite well over SMS with the Brickchick:

    Me: I got engaged recently and am about to get married
    BC: WOW! Congrats! That’s great! Got a date yet?
    Me: Yeah, it’s April 1. Happy April Fools, suckaaa!
    BC: Bastard :P

Yeah I know. I won’t be the last one laughing if I can’t ever give that
statement out other than on April 1. :P