I’ve been mucking about trying to get FreeBSD 4.5 – Release to run on my laptop (a Dell Latitude C600) and by God, I actually managed to get it all (X-Windows, XFCE, XMMS, Mozilla, GIMP) running perfectly! Woohoo! The graphics is showing fine (X-Windows is up and running with XFCE fronting as the Window Manager), the network adapters (both 3Com 3C556 and the CNet CN40BC), sound (XMMS is blasting away some MP3s at the moment), XChat, just about most of the stuff I need are practically working. I was thinking that the experience would be quite bad since it’s on a laptop that I was going to install it onto but heck, it turned out to be darned pleasant! We’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks when I can actually show people that I can do stuff on my laptop loaded with UNIX just as they do on Windows.