I was up at Selama, Perak (just some 30kms north of Taiping) this afternoon to attend a wedding reception of one of my juniors at Purdue. So, Cobou & Azlina, didoakan semoga bahagia berkekalan ke anak, cucu, cicit, di dunia dan akhirat!

As usual, whenever us ex-Boilermakers get together, it's bound to be a gathering of several hours! So right after the wedding we stopped by a couple of places, namely Bukit Merah and Taiping. We eventually left Taiping at about 10pm and I made it back to Kajang at about 1am after sending Shida home. Gee! I thought days like this would end once I graduated from Purdue. Heh! Talk about nostalgia! :P Oyez, pictures are here. (Bogo: I'm keeping my word on not sending out email to check out those pictures! :) )

Aight, three weddings so far this year and we're barely into the fourth week of January! So, who's next then? :P