Hmmm! I dunno whether I should rejoice or regret over my recent
discovery of the Morpheus/Kazaa file sharing service on the Internet.
Yeah, I know it’s been in existence for quite some time already but I
just stumbled onto it when I read some news about it being touted as
the next Napster. Anyways, without realizing it, I’ve been downloading
some 700MB worth of stuff using the service over the past 4 hours
(I’m fortunate enough to be using a satellite broadband service at the
moment)! Just what did I download, you ask? Music video MPEGs, full
TV shows episodes (MPEG4 and DivX compression is doing to video
what MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) did to audio), etc. Just like how
Napster/Audiogalaxy did for audio files, this service handles even
more! On top of the usual audio stuff, it also does peer to peer file
sharing of video files, executables, etc. I did notice some warez
floating about the service as well. Those copyright enforcement bodies
are already making noise about its existence. I dunno how long this
thing’s gonna last but I suppose I’m gonna make use of it while the
taking’s good! :P I’m catching up on those music videos that we’re
deprived of watching here on this side of the planet (there’s a dearth
of r&b, hiphop, alternative music videos here since MTV Asia
and Channel V
almost constantly feeds us with bubblegum pop (read boyband) stuff.
On the other hand, I gotta watch the time I spend on the Net. This
thing can be quite addictive!