I thought I’d make this a first for my website: a DVD review! I went out
to Bukit Bintang area this afternoon and grabbed myself the long
awaited DVD copy of Shrek at Speedy Video. When Shrek first came
out earlier this year, I didn’t get the chance to watch it in the theaters
but rather on a crummy VCD copy. I thought it was the best movie to
have ever come out this year. Good storyline, incredible computer
generated graphics, great voices behind the characters. Due to the
quality of the VCD recording (it was pirated, whaddaya expect? :\ ), I
was deprived of watching the lush details that are of abundance
throughout the movie. I promised myself that I was gonna go out and
get the DVD once its out and I can tell you that it was worth all the sen
spent! I can now see how beautiful and detailed everything is in the
movie. The extra bits offered in the DVD are just awesome, i.e. The
Tech of Shrek documentary, Shrek’s Music Room and my favorite,
The Shrek Karaoke Swamp Song! Great stuff!