Whose Shoe Is A Dirty Shoe

Sure I won
myself a pair of spanking new shoes but I’m not sure if actually
winning that competition
was a good thing. I only have myself to blame if the Malaysian
entertainment fraternity will now stay even further away from me
and get a restraining order in effect on grounds that I’ve got
some kind of funky foot fetish going on.

Now, if only I’d put in a bit more effort to get the
other pair of shoes


  1. The Yoga Instructor

    Afdlin said, I came number two. In exact correct order but a few minutes too late from you. But I could sense you’re not that happy on winning the shoes. Wanna pass the crown? In trade, I can help you find some potential ‘other pair of shoes’..

  2. ati

    haha iwan.. how can you tell which shoes belong to which feet??

    nampak gaya macam ada talent mencarik “kasut” ni

  3. joliekins

    wow! Congratulations, nevertheless!

  4. flowergal

    wonder how u manage to figure out which shoes to which feet??!!..yg tak tahan tuh..the golden shoe..hahahah Anuar Zain..it must have been ‘sleepless nites’ for u to match it huh?!

  5. old friend

    congratulations ! i thot u’re rich enough to buy your own shoes (considering the amount of time u spent working) ..and now u get afdlin to give u shoes :

  6. zin

    run Iwan run

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