I was contemplating of doing a test install and upgrade of my Windows
2000 Professional
operating system to Windows XP this afternoon but then decided
not to when I realized that I don’t have the complete set of drivers and
XP compliant software for some of the devices in my machine, namely
the Broadlogic AB2030 Satellite Express broadband card and the AsusLive
program that would enable the video-in functionality on the video card
(so that I could watch tv on my computer screen). You’re wondering why
am I compelled to upgrade when everything is just peachy and I’m able
to do everything just fine on my current setup and configuration. One
key reason is that Windows 98 is still living on my machine and I’m
really itching to get rid of it. I can’t at the moment since I still need it
to be able to run FastTracker 2.08 to do some MOD/XM compositions
(Yes! I still do MODs/XMs instead of MIDI!). To date I still haven’t
found any decent MOD/XM editor in Windows. Also, I’m getting tired of
having to boot into Win98 everytime I want to play Frogger (Hey! It’s a
fun game!). Besides, getting rid of Win98 would mean that I can regain
some one additional gig of hard disk space. Speaking of which, my
hard disk is in need of some major housekeeping and also
repartitioning. One thing at a time, dude! One thing at a time…