The Life, The Loves and The Inspiration of P. Ramlee

Having missed out on Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical,
I vowed not to miss out on P. Ramlee: The Musical
this time around. I almost did. And after watching it this
afternoon, I was glad and thankful for not missing out on this
wonderful production by Enfiniti. Like many Malaysians of my
generation, I only know the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee (who
incidentally died exactly two years before I was born) through
his timeless songs and movies. This musical attempts to show
the personal side of him, i.e. his life, the loves and the
inspiration. I shan’t elaborate on the storyline but I shall
say that I thoroughly enjoyed the production, from the cast and
ensemble to the sets (check out the locomotive and the cabooses
during the train station scene!) to the choreography (dig that
clog dance during Ramlee’s and Junaidah’s wedding scene) and
especially the music (Gelora’s percussion had my head bopping
like a hip hop producer at the mixing desk and Dick Lee’s
numbers were really moving). Favorite scenes for me have to be
Ramlee’s marriage to Junaidah and Ramlee’s courtship with
Saloma which had the elements of humor that we all know and
love P. Ramlee for! The only niggling points for me have to be
Melissa Saila’s singing (a wee bit uncomfortable to the ears in
places and her voice was quite hoarse this afternoon) but she
made up for it with her powerful acting in that intense
breaking up scene. The other being the prolonged scene of
Singapore breaking out from Malaysia (could use more of the
clog dance in that Ramlee and Junaidah’s wedding scene!).
Overall, it was a wonderful and enjoyable performance! Kudos to
Datin Tiara Jacquelina and Enfiniti!

I’d like to thank Pat Ibrahim (choreographer of the musical)
for slotting me in to this afternoon’s show. I also had the
privilege of meeting up with Chedd Yusoff
who plays Sukardi (Ramlee’s best friend) after the show. He had
earlier pimped that mashup I did of Siti and Snoop Dogg
to Siti (who plays Azizah) herself. Needless to say, I had to be
gone before any talks of potential lawsuits could ensue.


  1. tiara

    hey there… pleasantly surprised to be tagged
    in such a kind review of the show – tks redz.
    btw tell your friends if anyone’s interested,
    we just decided on an extra performance for
    p.ramlee – sat 3rd nov at 3pm. anyone
    interested can call 03 20911666 or check,1st come 1st served
    basis…or forever hold their peace! take care..

  2. laydiefa

    “jeng jeng jennnngggggggg!!”
    sound clip tu ada main tak?

  3. Lynn

    Haha best kan best kan. Anyhoo, good move of getting away before any legal discussions ensued, haha!

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