I broke my comb when combing my hair this morning, which means
one thing: time to get a haircut. I’ll replace the comb when I
hit the grocery store on my next trip. Meanwhile, brace yourselves
for bad hair days from yours truly in the coming days.

And that concludes our transmission for today.


  1. Lizzam

    U sure that’s shampoo ur using, not super glue or something?

  2. laydiefa

    maybe it’s not glue, maybe it’s something else he used for hair gel..

    think ‘There’s Something About Mary’


  3. Lizzam

    hahaha…you may be right laydiefa…

    now, we’ll have There’s Something About DJ….hahahaha

  4. Lynn

    There’s Something About DJ, haha!

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    What if “Ada Apa Dengan DJ?” Boleh?

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