The Livelink Love

When I'm not writing stuff here, I read stuff that's out there, mostly the ones that I'm subscribed to via Google Reader. I thought it'd be an interesting afternoon exercise during this Hari Raya break I'm currently on to churn out some code that is able to consume the feed provided by the Google Reader Shared Items and display them within these webpages (which is all custom coded, by the way. Real geeks code, others rely on plug-ins) for a change instead of mashing up music. I'm just glad to know that I still got some of my programming mojo left so that I can keep my day job. I know my friends in Facebook have seen these before (via the recently rebranded Feedheads application) so I thought I'd extend it here as well for the benefit of my non-Facebook friends ('cos you're still my friend!). Enjoy the brand new Livelinks page, people!

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  1. pizzarebus

    “Real geeks code, others rely on plug-ins”

    I can’t agree more. that’s why we have trouble getting married…:P

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