Penang Engaged

My ex-housemate at uni, Firdaus (otherwise known as Penang to his close friends 'cos that's where he's from) took one step into tying the knot with his sweetheart, Fauzana. A bunch of us were there at Fauzana's place in Damansara. Have a look see. I'm sure both of them will be anxiously looking forward for the month of May to come!


  1. Bartholomew dari Belgium

    Aint this just simply putting pressure on us? Hahaha…

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    maybe for thirty year olds like yourself? bwaaahahahahahaaa!

  3. Bartholomew dari Belgium

    Or even for the thirty sumptin? Hahaha… Anyone out there? I know you are hiding…

  4. [email protected]_stuck_in_JB

    sigh. looks like we r losing another member out of the kelab bujang. so korang pulak bile?

  5. LAHHH

    Congratulations to Penang!!!

  6. Idreamofzinnie

    Congratulation penang ya. I’m lovin’ it.

  7. Sri Permaisuri

    age is just a bunch of numbers… my number might seem big, but i’m young at heart.. errhh OK ok.. Penang, you really put pressure on me.. orgghh.. and Mariah Carey is coming to town.. ohhh.. things can get any worse..

  8. Nong Ali

    hmm.. congrats Penang. Last time jumpa last 2 years at promuda’s dinner. Yg lain bila lagi? Esp, the Dj??

  9. Anonymous


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