Boy! What a weekend it was for sports! First, the World Cup. A couple of
interesting matches, the highlight being the England-Argentina match
in which the latter won 1-0. Beckham was the sole goalscorer in that
match and it was through a penalty shot. Should give Argentina enough
jitters as far as their chances to advance into the second round already.

Then there’s the NBA playoffs. I was rooting for Sacramento Kings to
make it instead of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now that Lakers is in the
finals, I doubt that New Jersey Mets would be able to stop the
Shaq-Kobe juggernaut. In most of the playoff games against the Kings,
they both contributed 70-something points out of the team score of

And finally we’ll have the Formula 1 race later tonight. I doubt I’ll be up
for it since it’s gonna well into the middle of the night. As it is, Montoya
already has pole position with Schumacher alongside him to make up
the first row at the starting grid. Should prove to be an interesting race.

Btw, hope it’s not too late for me to wish Bart Happy Birthday! Many
happy returns dude!