I just don’t get it sometimes. Who in the right mind would schedule a
meeting at 6:30pm ON A FRIDAY EVENING??! If that’s bad enough, the
whole frickin’ thing lasted about THREE HOURS AND A HALF! This is
taking the concept of working hard into dumbassed proportions. I’m all
for working hard, but at the same time, working smartly. At the end of
the day, it affects your quality of life. From my past experience, there’s
so much more to lose When your work life overwhelms your personal
life. It’s a downward spiral from there.

Anyhow, now that the weekend’s here, I’m looking forward to spending
it watching “The Simpsons – The Complete First Season” DVD
which just arrived by hand, courtesy of Suria. There’s also the John Mayer’s Room For Squares
as well as Baby Boy’s soundtrack
CDs on top of the World Cup matches so there’s plenty to keep my
time occupied this weekend I guess. Thanks much again, Su! :)

You may complain that if that’s the kind of life I lead on weekends,
then there’s not much of a life to lose, but heck, it’s MY own life! So

Listening to: Zero 7 – Destiny