While many people choose to download music off the Net instead of
purchasing them solely on economic grounds, I, on the other hand
choose to do so just because I cannot find the CDs in the local music
stores. While CDs are still rather pricey on this side of the planet,
every once in a while I manage to save a bit and splurge on some CDs
but almost always end up not finding what I want, hence why I resorted
to the ‘Net. I’ve been using Audiogalaxy
for about a year already and thus it is with great sadness to hear that
it too had to succumb to RIAA‘s
demands that it ceases facilitating distribution of copyrighted works
amongst their users. As with many other users I’m sure, I’ll probably
be seeking refuge on other services such as Kazaa,
etc. to get my music fix.

I’m very much aware that Audiogalaxy comes along with some
applications so I spent a good part of the late evening getting rid of
some residue spyware on my machine that still remains despite my
uninstalling Audiogalaxy. I should have done this thing earlier
after realizing that the original intended application doesn’t have
dependencies on the Spyware/Adware. The fact that some
people out there are tracking the sites that I visit and God knows,
perhaps even passwords that I use to do online purchases just both
scares and pisses me off.