Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammed dropped a
bombshell yesterday evening during towards the end of his speech
during the UMNO caucus by announcing his resignation from all party
and political posts. Before he was able to regain his composure and
continue, several members of the Supreme Council huddled around
the rostrum trying to persuade him to retract his resignation,
reasoning with him that the nation still needs him, which he seemingly
agreed to about an hour after that as announced by the Deputy Prime
Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi. Some were seen openly weeping
over shouts of “Retract! Retract!” and “Long live, Mahathir!” during the
hour long wait.

Some may deem this as political theatrics as a way for Dr. M to gauge
his acceptance amongst party members as well as the nation as a
whole. Personally, I see it as a way of Dr. M giving the nation a wake
up call to face an eventuality.

What perplexes me is the non-acceptance of his resignation amongst
many. Perhaps he should have discussed with the rest of the Supreme
Council members and done it in a somewhat gentler manner. But still,
sooner or later, he will eventually retire as the nation’s Prime Minister
and we will have to accept that. Then somebody else will need to step
up to the plate and fill his shoes. Given that his shoes are indeed big,
perhaps his successor won’t be able to fill it in immediately but we’ve
got to give the person some time and chance to allow his feet to

Thing is, he has done so much for the nation already. It’s time for us
not to be reliant on just him all the time. We ourselves need to stand
on our own two feet and work towards acheiving greater heights. This
is especially so for the Malays (myself included). I think Dr. M has
given us all two strong feet to stand on already. Time and time again,
Dr. M has reminded the Malays not to be complacent with status quo.
Perhaps his shock announcement is just what is needed as a wake up
call to face what may become an eventual reality.