The U.S. Pledge of Alliance has been deemed unconstitutional by a
federal appeals court. Apparently, an atheist parent took offence at
the line which says “under God” that his daughter was made to recite
at school every morning and thus decided to bring on the suit. One
senator apparently describes the whole situation as “political
correctness run amok”. This seems to be a case of life imitating art as
I’m reminded of that one South Park episode (Season 1’s Mr Hankey,
The Christmas Poo, if I’m not mistaken) where Kyle’s parents got
upset when their son was asked to take part in a Christmas Play
involving the Nativity scene. One thing led to another, the whole
townsfolk got involved and in their bid to come up with a neutral play,
the whole thing just sucked. Why can’t there be tolerance in this world?