Three Point Oh

Three years. That’s a tenth of my life so far. What’s even more
amazing is that are actually people out there are keeping up with
the incessant ramblings that I churn out on this site. Thanks,
y’all! Nothing else to say to that except Happy Birthday,
Cybersonique-dot-Org and Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.


  1. ted

    Happy bday, too!

  2. Rin

    Joyeux anniversaire, aussi!

  3. azura

    eppy b’day man! Must be a significant one…the big figure changed! whoaaa

  4. lyna

    waaa…3 years of ramblings?!? keep it up!

  5. LeiF

    hepi hepi hepi!

  6. idreamofzinnie

    welcome to the 3 to the 0

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