At The Actorlympics Again

Unlike Actorlympics 2002
and Actorlympics 2003,
this year’s Actorlympics 2004 – Acropolis Now
turned into something out of my wet dream when I got pulled
onstage and fondled groped by
Nell Ng
in front of a live audience. Then it got weird when Reza Zainal
Abidin did a crotch watch on me before I got hunted by “Crocodile
Hunter” Edwin Sumun. As with any dreams I have, it turned into
horror when 200-something pound (probably more) Afdlin Shauki
wrestled and pinned me to the ground ala WWE.
Now thanks to him, I have regular bowel movements once more.


  1. tasia

    haha so your dream came true finally

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    yeah… i’ve always wanted to
    do something about that irregular bowel
    movement of mine.

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