AF2: Kau Kembali

Akademi Fantasia is reaching fever pitch at the moment that even my Dad could bring up the topic over dinner! As most would have already known by now, six contestants (yay Linda!) have been selected via public SMS into the finals which is going to be held this weekend. During which, each of them will be given two songs to sing, one of which will be a BRAND NEW SONG that is specially composed for each contestant. Here now, I present to you one such song that will be sung by AF2 finalist Kaer. Composed by the talented duo of Johan Farid Kharuddin (the dude formerly known as Teejay, who composed Anuar Zain’s Permata and Sheila Majid’s Cinta Kita) with his buddy Omar Khan, exclusive via Cybersonique-dot-Org (and with permission from the composers themselves, even Kaer doesn’t know about this song at this time of my writing!) here is Kaer’s song for AF2 finals, Kau Kembali with its accompanying lyrics. It is a beautiful song and very fitting for Kaer indeed. Nicely done, J&K!

JFK (feat. Omar K) – Kau Kembali (Demo)

As if by chance, it is also Teejay’s (sorry, dude.. I’m just not used to calling you Johan! :P) birthday tomorrow (August 9). So, Happy Turning-A-Year-Older, Mr. Overgrown Kahuna!

So, Dah Kronik? ;)

Update (Aug 9, 2210 hours): A word of thanks to “Kaeratics” Javard and Sarah Syakirah for the additional publicity! ;)

Update (Aug 11, 0935 hours): It’s the second coming! Sultan Muzaffar has just picked up this entry. I’m bracing myself…


  1. semey aka osmy

    Whoaa… best…
    ingat… AFUNDI LINDA & ZAHID ..

  2. Maine

    Everyone’s delighted when there’s something new can be discussed with parents. My mother suddenly handed over her handphone and said ‘Afundi Zarina for me, make sure u don’t do it last minute, send 10 times before 8pm!’. Of course, she doesn’t have to pay for the bill. I did that and voted Linda for myself.

  3. Bartholomew



  4. rudy bluehikari

    macam masyukkk jerr lagu ni dengan suara kaer… good! cepat betul dpt info..kalah SM ahaahah!

  5. SM


  6. javard

    hey man. thanks from the great efficient work…after this people will start reconsider about their relationship with their father. sekali thanks….

  7. cik zam

    terharu…sedih ..sayu lagu nih :)

  8. lionel


    heheh.. turning this place into a pseudo-channel 15.

    i’m not much of a fan of kaer, feeling that a lot of his appeal is just in his looks. not to mention he’s a splitting image of a friend of mine, which is kinda annoying..

    okay seriously: i think he’s got a good r&b voice, but it’s so monopitched, and rather weak. i’m more of a powerlungs type fan, hence i puji linda, farah and bob.

  9. jawadesoniqueman

    AFKELUAR BOB. Baru dianugerahkan suara yang sedap sudah berlagak.
    Belum lagi diberi hidung mancung.

  10. 54r4

    sorry, i’m kinda away and might have missed the real story. i know that kaer wants his dad to come back, but now ade pics of the parents together, what is really up? someone??? beautiful song by the way, cried just reading the lyrics.. thanx!

  11. zee

    AFUNDI Kaer n Zahid

  12. syimA

    the song was great!!!!! so far this is the hottest news.. great info!! i’m screaming now!!!! aaaaa!!!!! thanx for sharing!! byebye! keep voting ya!! daaaa

  13. syimA

    vote for KAER!

  14. sal

    I heard that we can get the taste of the song written for Kaer here. But right now I can only find the lyric for the song, and not the mp3. Em… Has it been removed? Thanks!

  15. LeiF

    sesuai sangat ngan kaer. hehe.

  16. yasmin

    Heard it over n over again. Very nice song but worried if Kaer gets emotional about this song. Hopefully he is strong enough to carry it thru. I belum dengar dia nanyi pun hati I dah sayu sgt…

  17. aliesya

    bila dengar lagu ni, terus terbayang kaer n his dad.. aku yg tak de apa2kaitan boleh nangis inikan pulak kaer… harap dia boleh tahan emosi tu

  18. AFH

    Nice song. Hopefully Kaer can sing it without getting emotional…he got emotional when singing “If You’re Not The One” and it really screwed up his performance. Hopefully Kaer will be OK…he’s not versatile like Zahid or Bob but if Kaer makes an album…I’ll be one of the first to buy it. He has a nice soothing sweet voice, doesn’t have to melalak to create his feel.

  19. aunty nina

    Very soothing. Hope Kaer will deliver this song tremendously. GO KAER! GO KAERATIKS!

  20. zuraini

    i,m 46 years old, but i can’t help myself falling in love with kaer’s soothing voice, i keep on listening to his voice singing all his songs from the AF2 from my computer everyday in the office from 8-5

  21. tasia

    wahlauwey…. ahaks dah demam? mannn.. i bet your site’s hit increase gile.. hey thanx for sharing

  22. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tasia: i tak demam… selsema aje! heh! yang lain dah kronik! :P

  23. tasia

    giler la.. balik rumah je.. it’s always channel 15.. my bro and sis kene ban from astro.. and the only special request they made to my mom is to allow them to watch diari.. aarghhh can’t stand it anymore.. memang dah tahap icu.. huhu it’s just too much..

  24. kaer sue come you tak demam?

  25. virtua_girl2004

    best giler lagu ni. Ditambah dengan lagu swear….pehhh..sessuuiaii dgn
    suara kaer

  26. Johan F. Khairuddin

    oh my god. guys. this is crazy. thanks for the support man, this song for kaer is truly magical! fingers crossed, im gonna go down to the house and chat with kaer bout it tommorow….. see ya’all soon aights? OMAR K holler! DJ Cyber love you bro…. JFK

  27. syima

    mr.JFK.. do they changed the lyric? it sounds different, tho!

  28. syima

    sorry i have another Q for mr.JFK..hehe! was it you who sang the song?(the original song)
    i love this song soooo much til i cant stop creating questions for u. hope u dont mind! bye

  29. Anonymous too luv kaer’s soothing voice..powerful voice sumtime bosan didengar berulang kali..n i’m 32..male i dun think kaer’s looks mempengaruhi my votes 4 him..=)..JFK..thumbs up..killer song!

  30. LeiF

    Afundi Bob!!! Undi orang besar!!! haha.

  31. SM

    kena tunggu official dpt lagu tu baru berani letak link…takut kena sue…hehehehhehehe

  32. imah

    Lagu boleh tahan lah… Tapi aku rasa KAER patut dapat lagu lagi best dari lagu ni. Mungkin sebab suara penyanyinya x sedap jadi aku xde feel dengar lagu ni. Ntah apa2 ntah. InsyaALLAH KAER boleh bw lagu ni sbb sesuai ngan suaranya yg merdu. And of course more better.

  33. laydiefa

    heard about u from and
    will come again for more update.

  34. Johan Farid Khairuddin

    hey guys. i think they changed the lyrics again, not sure whats going on here… yup, i sang the song, the original version of course… checkout diary AF tonight on ria…. johan tolong kaer nyanyi lagu tuh.. hehehhe :) JFK

  35. NyNa

    This is truly killer song!!! Even I felt wanna cry hearing it… Apalagi for Kaer, this song betul2 memberi erti yg mendalam to him! JFK… wanna ask you… why do you choose Kaer to sing this song and what makes you to write it? Sorry to much ques…

  36. jawadesoniqman

    Si kaer ni over pulak. macam dia pulak le pencipta lagu eh. nyanyi pun tak betul nak komen lagu orang. pak abu sedih tau bila pelamin dah siap, pengantin tukar baju lain. Kaer kaer….

  37. kak ee

    best giler lagu ni, sayu dan hiba dibuatnya. go Kaer u can do it

  38. kak ee

    apa salahnya kaer tanya how to sing the song. JFK pun sudi ajar dia lagi kan. yg penting he’s doing his best. GO KAER!

  39. syima

    u do!!!(to JFK) oh goshhh i cannot miss tonite diari’s if u will help him sing the song.. but the song will be so much meaningfulful if only they haven’t change the lyrics!! love ur voice!!!! or is it another surprise in the akademi? haaa… i’m wondering if it’s another SURPRISE! come on laa.. ;p

  40. isk

    betul la apa yg kaer ckp..mmg lirik baru yg patchy..kan?lirik ori je yg bagus..

  41. Emit

    What happened to the original lyrics? I still prefer the original lyrics, it sounded a lot better. =(

  42. sukaJFKnKaer

    besnye kaer nyanyi ngan JFK tadik…JFK suara kaer depan2 bes tak?hehe…

  43. SM

    aisehhhmannn….ada tukar ler

  44. syima

    me again! what do you think of kaer’s voice? plz..plzz

  45. qoole

    hi the song..sure hit. so wat happenned to the original lyrics? to sensitive ke? and y did u laugh at the end of the song..hehehe..linda cun tak reallife?

  46. AFH

    Kenapa ada orang kata si Kaer tu hensem. Suara dia bagusla tapi bab hensem tu aku tak tau lah….mcm muka cokodok je…aku rasa aku lagi hensem ;-).

  47. jawadesonicman

    Cool giler si JFK. Bersemangat. lontaran suara clear. anytime boleh kasi Kaer and BOB out of AF kalau diberi peluang. Apa apa pun, buat yang terbaik.

  48. Bartholomew

    Jawadesonicman ni idreamofzinnie ker? Heheheh.

  49. K

    Good job JFK.. can’t wait 4 this saturday.. afundi KAER…

  50. Lep

    JFK’s here? where? where? eh, this is NOT JFK’s website lah! stoop…

  51. syima


  52. aze

    Eventho kaer didnt win last nite.. I still think he did well.. he made us KAERATICS so proud of him.. no matter wat Im still gonna be his fan n hes a champ at heart =)

  53. jawadesonicman


  54. Johan Farid Khairuddin

    just thought of searching google again for my name, tengok saper lah yang tulis pasal JFK nih… so cute lah, I pergi mana2 pun orang kenal…. alahh malunyerrr… heheheh… but hey, thanks guys! really appreciate all the support for my music man… anywayz, anybody have a video of the diari clip – ya know, me and him that day on RIA… would love to check it out again…. oh and checkout this website!!! later guys!!!!!!!

  55. nora

    kaer hebat……

  56. teen_age

    KaEr beST!!!!!dah la cute giler..!Suara RnB dier mengancam!Tabik spring sama KaEr.Teringin sgt la nk jumpa KaEr kt concert.Bila dak KaEr nak buat concert kt Sibu,S’wak??Kiteorg tertunggu-tunggu kt sini.My bro. in law exactly mcm muka KaEr.Betoiii.Tak tipu.Kakak aku fanatik sgt kat KaEr.Hajat dier,nk sgt gandingkn hubby dier&KaEr bergambar sama.So Astro,biler lagi nk bawa KaEr&da gang buat concert kat Sibu nih?Mana aci asyik kt Miriiiiii je.Anyway,congrats 2 KaEr coz dh berjaya jd artis.Jgn lupe diri tau!Stay cute ah!Luv KaEr!!!!!!

  57. teen_age

    Ishhh…!!Aku lagi!Best la lagu Kau Kembali nih.Apesal la lagu ni tak dpt top 3??Bute ke org M’sia nih?Kalau konsert final hari tuh pakai juri profesional,sure Kaer dpt tempat ke-3.Aku rasa,takder sorang pun artis M’sia cam sora Kaer nih.Hope nanti nak tgk Kaer berduet dgn V.E.Anyway,gud luck 2 my beloved artist,KaErrrrrrrr!!!Aku akan sentiasa menyokongmu dr belakang.Stay cute ah!Bye!Ciao!

  58. farezad

    Hi, Kaer apa kabar harap ok je saya peminat setia Kaer.So macam mana dengan perkembangan terbaru Kaer harap ok kan dan saya harap Kaer dapat buat concert kat Sarawak ni kite akan tunggu tau.Anyway saya harap Kaer terus berjaya dalam biadang ini.

  59. Nadira nie love Pojan

    i love u so much please take my Zahid aku nak mengurat Zahidlah

  60. nurul

    farah is beutiful person

  61. shell

    hello zahid!!!!!! im chinese lar!!!! tp minat kat u!!!!! hish janggut u mengancam betul la!!!!!! sexy!!!!!! ok!!!! taking caRE!!!! PAPPAI!!!!

  62. kamal

    gelak tu jaga sikit

  63. kamal

    farah bila nak nyanyi kat tempat lama kat taman melawati

  64. esteelauder

    Hai Linda..walaupun hanya meraih gelaran tempat kedua dalam Pertandingan AF2 namun Linda tetap yang terhebat sekali diantara semua finalist2 AF2. Suara Linda memang power habis dan bertenaga. Semoga Linda terus sukses dan sentiasa ceria dalam bidang yang di ceburi..SYABASSS Linda…LUV U FOREVER…

  65. LISA


  66. BoyzBreep2

    farah…………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lap UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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